WATCH: Biden Trips And Falls AGAIN On Air Force One Stairs (DETAILS)


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Just a day after reports speculated that Biden could have been the individual seen falling down the stairs of an Air Force C-32 craft in Poland, the President made a tumble of his own on Air Force One – and in this instance, no speculation is necessary.

While going up the stairs to Air Force One prior to departing Warsaw, Poland, Biden stumbled – once again.

Losing his footing for a moment, the President caught himself much earlier than he did in a 2022 clip of the same fashion, to be fair.


Yesterday, we reported on a clip of a member of the United States delegation to Poland tumbling down the stairs of an Air Force C-32. Newsweek has since confirmed that the falling individual was not Biden.

That clip can be seen here:

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  1. Its unlikely that a fall down the entire set of stairs could further inflict any more brain damage than he already shows.

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