VA GOP Claps Back at Democrat State Senator on Twitter


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Tuesday, Virginia State Senator L. Louise Lucas (D) took to Twitter to look back on growing up in racist times in the state, using her experience as an opportunity to attack Glenn Youngkin’s anti-indoctrination policies.

“I am only two years younger than Emmett Till. When I started work at the Shipyard they still had “colored” water fountains. Confederate History Month was a thing while I was a Senator.

RT and tell @GovernorVA this isn’t divisive- it is our history! We need to teach it.”

Lucas, President pro tempore of the Virginia Senate, is the loudest left-winger in the state legislature on social media, sporting a loyal following. Lucas often riles up her supporters with language against Republicans, continuously bragging about representing the “brick wall” in the legislature that blocks progress in the Commonwealth.

Lucas’ tweet prompted the Virginia Republican Party to clap back and reconfirm that Youngkin’s executive order on Critical Race Theory and indoctrination does in fact recognize the need to teach the horrors of slavery and segregation:

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