Vegas Democrat Official Arrested in Connection to Murder of Reporter


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Las Vegas Democrat city official Robert Telles was arrested in connection with the murder of a Las Vegas Review-Journal Investigative reporter earlier this month following an altercation. Telles was brought in by police early Wednesday morning after DNA was found at the crime scene strongly linking him to the murder of reporter Jeff German.

Las Vegas Metro Police conducted a search warrant early Wednesday and collected evidence, returning later in the day to arrest Telles. Telles’ vehicle was also found at the scene and was towed away during the search warrant.

The stabbing was the culmination of a years-long dispute between the two men after German reported on Telles’ infidelity with staffer Roberta Lee–Kennet. Telles is a city official responsible for Clark County, the region that encompasses the Las Vegas metro area. 

German was given a video earlier this year of Telles and Kennel in the backseat of a vehicle, which showed sexual acts between the two individuals, both married. Telles lost his primary election earlier this year after numerous scandals broken by German upended his campaign and future in public office.

One of the stories that German published earlier in the year featured accounts from former and current employees for Telles, which said that the Democrat official created a hostile work environment.

“They are unhappy with the way the office has been taken out of their control,” Telles said of the accusations.

“All my new employees are super-happy and everyone’s productive and doing well. We’ve almost doubled the productivity in the office.” 

Review-Journal reporter Brett Clarkson posted footage of Telles’ arrest:

Review-Journal Executive Editor Glen Cook said in a statement that the arrest of Telles “was an enormous relief” but also that German’s coworkers are “outraged that a colleague appears to have been killed for reporting on an elected official.”

During the investigation, Telles will remain in office and be paid.

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