VIDEO: Jill Biden Heckled By Fed Up Americans in Connecticut


First Lady Jill Biden was heckled by Americans while visiting an ice cream parlor in Connecticut last Wednesday. Mrs. Biden had just exited her vehicle Wednesday afternoon when an anonymous heckler shouted at her, saying, “Your husband is the worst president we ever had… you owe us gas money.” 

The jeers come in deep blue Connecticut where, since Joe Biden has taken office, gas prices have been on a steady increase due to the policy factors that the Democrat President and his party have implemented not just because of the war in Ukraine, but also shifting energy policy in a “green” direction.

While one heckler yelled at Jill Biden about gas prices, another yelled “you suck” as she entered the ice cream shop.


Gas prices have been holding steady at an average of $4.38 a gallon in most states, with California having the highest average gas prices at over $5 a gallon. Americans in Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, and Oregon also suffer from prices above $5.

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Several White House and government officials have been blasted lately for commenting on gas prices, saying they view increased costs favorably to the alternative of the public driving more.

“I prefer higher gas prices,” state department official Alan Eyre tweeted last week. Eyre faced backlash after the tweet went viral. 

“The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit their is for those who can access electric vehicles,” Pete Buttigieg said to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Buttigieg’s comments were also met with pushback, as not everyone can afford an electric vehicle.

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President Biden recently took a trip to Saudi Arabia to beg the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to increase oil production and exportation to the United States as the Democrats flounder in the polls.

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  1. It’s time that “We the People” take our country back from the idiot politicians who have lied their way into their government positions! Over it!

  2. How much fuel does it take to fly to Saudi Arabia on the taxpayer $. How many electric cars do the Bodensee own. How much does it cost for Biden to fly to Delaware on Marine 1 how many electric vehicles are in his motorcade? They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Why is Pelosi going to Taiwan? She’s not Secretary of State or ambassador. Her job is here. Not spending thousands of dollars traveling. Didn’t she just take a trip to Europe?

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