Americans Can’t Believe What Biden Just Said About the Economy


biden says there will be no recession
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Americans of all stripes were shocked on Monday when President Biden rejected the possibility of a recession – even amidst devastating economic news. 

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden how worried Americans should be about a looming recession. 

“Mr. President, we’re getting GDP numbers on Thursday. How worried should Americans be that we are in a recession?”

Biden’s response came as a shock. 

“We’re not gonna be in a recession, uhh, in my view, uhh, we, uhh, the unemployment rate is still one of the lowest we’ve had in history, it’s in the 3.6 area. We still find ourselves with people investing. My hope is that we go from this rapid growth to steady growth…but I don’t think, God willing, I don’t think we’ll see recession.” 

The Biden administration continued with the “no recession” narrative. White House Director of the National Council went on CNN to proclaim “in terms of the technical definition, it’s not a recession…”

Many Americans have not accepted the official Biden White House narrative.

The publication ZeroHedge related Walmart’s drop in profit outlook with Biden’s rosy prediction for the economy: 

Tom Fitten called the administration’s spin attempt “Orwellian”: 

One Twitter users joked that an executive order could solve inflation: 

Memes were flowing far and wide: 

Michael Seifert brought in other themes from liberal governance: 

One user even posted a GIF of Biden falling off his bike: 

President Biden and his administration have an incentive to prevent the American people from believing a recession is occurring. The economic health of a nation has a direct impact on the likelihood that an incumbent is re-elected. With the midterms quickly approaching, Biden and the Democrats are working to pass their last-ditch version of Build Back Better.

The newest attempt at passing Build Back Better – albeit a severely slimmed down bill this time around – is centered around extending subsidies for Obamacare. Why? Because many struggling Americans will have their subsidies cut in October, right before the November elections.

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  1. Were in a recession, no matter what brain=dead,dementia,joe says,or yellen,or p.butthead, says, they wouldn’t know a recssion ,if it smacked them in the face. Were not at 9.1% bidenflation, we are closer to twice that if u have shopped any where for anything, Everything has gone through the roof, u can’t even buy basic items, without spending a arm and leg on goods.

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