VIDEO: Ocasio-Cortez CRIES as House Passes Funding to Protect Israelis from Rockets


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Thursday, the House overwhelmingly passed funding for Israel’s Iron Dome, a defense mechanism that intercepts rockets on their way into Israeli land.

In yet another publicity stunt, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist-NY) cried on the House Floor as more rational representatives voted to support our chief ally in the Middle East. AOC can be seen in the clip below hugging a colleague and appearing to wipe tears from her eyes.

Conveniently, she is overcome with emotions as she walks right in front of the cameras.


The Iron Dome is a critical pillar of the U.S.-Israeli relationship, saving countless lives annually. Many proponents of the dome argue that, if de-funded, more lives would be lost on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as Israel stands firm in its pledge to fight back against Hamas and Hezbollah.

Thankfully, most of Congress still understands the basics of the situation in Israel. As for AOC and her pro-Palestine squad… not so much comprehension.


4 Responses

  1. She is stupid and I never like to use that word. She is against everything America stands for as is the Democratic Party.

  2. To the Congressman and Congresswomen who feel it is not in their minds to feel Jews are no good, kisss my Jewish Ass.

  3. If she is not acting perhaps she is too immature to be an asset to the Democratic party. It seems the every day she beams up a new problem to stall the wheels of legislation. If she is too stupid to be aware that a large electorate of the Democratic party is Jewish and Israel is a favored nation then she should go back to the books.

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