FULL VIDEO: Project Veritas JUST Released MORE Bombshell Footage, This Time EXPOSING an FDA Employee


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Project Veritas JUST released part two of the organization’s BOMBSHELL undercover COVID-19 vaccination reporting. Social media has already fought to delete the clip, but we have the full 12-minute video embedded here on our website.

The video starts with clips of an FDA employee named Taylor Lee, who has some insane ideas for the unvaccinated. First, he suggests a registry for unvaccinated folks, then even laughs about using BLOW DARTS to vaccinate uncompromising individuals!


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Part one can be watched here: FULL CLIP: Project Veritas Releases BOMBSHELL Interview with Dept. of Health Whistleblower: “Evil At the Highest Levels”

4 Responses

  1. Isn’t there an oath for the medical field about “do no harm” . I’d say they are breaking that oath if they are administering this vaccine knowing it has the potential to do harm. Then this asshole jokes about killing off everyone over the age of 60. Thinks it’s funny to impose his will over people that don’t need nor want (for good reason) this vaccine because of religious beliefs or in most cases rhey don’t trust the deep state, big pharma, and our current lord and master. All i got to say is try it. Try it and see what happens. Are there people you love and want to see again? Then you better let them know that before you decide that its in my best interest to force me to do something against my will that you don’t have the right. Just because your a licensed medical professional don’t make you right. And just because your educated doesn’t make you smart.

  2. that fucking queer works for the fda let him come try his blow shit ill shoot that faggot right in his fucking head….gay bitch mother fucker

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