WATCH: Gang of Feds Shows Up to Man’s Property and BRIBES Him for Info on Individuals in Right Wing Group


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As the federal government further encroaches on the lives of Americans, many voices, communities, and individuals on the right wing have found themselves in the government’s crosshairs.

For some, that means visits from their local feds.

Early this morning, a thread of videos posted to TikTok by the user @fauthority went viral on Twitter. In the clips, a man opens his door to a trio of agents – two FBI and one local deputy – who ended up asking him for information on individuals in a Facebook group the man is associated with.

The federal shakedown occurred in Jackson County, Georgia. In the first clip below, the feds report being from the Atlanta FBI office. The next two parts of the video are also below:

In the next few clips, also posted by RastaRedpill on Twitter, the lead agent suggests that the FBI would PAY for information on those associated with the group. It is almost chilling how calm the agent acts upon hearing the question in part three.

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  1. Where are competent, calm leaders who can lead us with intelligence and control. It’s obvious this is a very concentrated effort the left, Marxists, Communists or whatever they are to subvert our freedom. We need to mobilize and plan for the future of the Republic–NOW !

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