Virginia Pediatrics Office Warns Athletes: ‘Vax Affects Cardiac Risk’


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A pediatrics office in Alleghany County, Virginia has raised eyebrows and made headlines recently for a sign warning student-athletes about vaccines, declaring that physicals would require lab tests for vaccinated individuals.

Recently, a patient took a photo of the sign at the Jackson River Pediatrics office. Here’s what it says:

“Sports physicals are done primarily to make sure you are not at high risk for sudden cardiac death on the playing field.  COVID vaccination affects your risk.  In response to worldwide experience and vaccine adverse-event monitoring, we are adopting a more precautionary sports physical sign-off policy:

If you have received doses of any COVID shot, we will not be able to clear you to compete in sports without performing lab work and possibly an echocardiogram to rule out potential heart damage.“

Here is a screenshot of the original post, which is no longer able to be accessed on Facebook:

PJ Media reached out to the mother who posted the photo to Facebook for comment. Here’s what she said:

“I know that sometimes we put things like sports physicals off until the last minute,” said the poster, who spoke to PJ Media anonymously. “Part of my intentions of sharing the picture that I took Monday at our pediatrician’s office was to let parents who had their children vaccinated for COVID know that they cannot wait until the last minute for sports physicals,” she said. “I have received backlash from friends and family for not having my children vaccinated for COVID,” she continued. “I believe that my husband and I made the right choice but now I have proof that someone educated far greater than I has evidence that the COVID vaccine can do damage to children’s health.”

The concerned mom thinks people deserve to have all the facts. “I don’t condemn anyone for choosing to vaccinate their children for COVID,” she said. “People need to make the decision that is best for their own situation.”

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  1. My wife and I received 2 doses each of the so called Pfizer vaccine. We have been to the ER 3 times and 3 days in the hospital. She has blood clots in her lungs and I have a swollen right leg 24 inches in circumference. Been to 6 specialist and all reasoning points to untested vaccine. I have a report showing over 400,000 have died from the vaccines. Dizzy. Hardly walk. Cannot drive. Chest pains. Fatigued. Wife on heart meds. We didn’t make this crap up. More and more is coming out.

  2. Interesting. On the flip side our pediatrician in Reston had return to play protocol for my teenage son for hockey because of the risk of myocarditis following a covid infection itself. There was no protocol whatsoever for him after getting either dose of the vaccine.

  3. You are so out in left field it can’t even be measured. There is almost zero risk to teenagers from Covid, and hundreds athletes have died during games in Europe.

  4. The posting is utter and complete nonsense. That pediatrician should have his medical license revoked.
    The so-called cardiac risks from covid vaccination are far outweighed by the risk of covid. That a medical doctor can be so completely ignorant and just plain stupid is appalling. People who spread such misinformation should be heavily penalized.

    1. You are watching too much MSM if you were to research you would find that you are mistaken. To wait 75 years to release the info by then all would be deceased who took it. You need to look at other countries and their info as well as the many doctors who have been banned from telling the truth. you must not have been affected by this tragedy that is a total lie. Common sense tells us that the clinical trials are as long as the virus and were rolled out in less than a year. It takes 10 years to be approved by FDA It is still listed for emergency use only that alone tells you that no one will be held accountable. To change the definition of vaccine to support this lie if that doesn’t scream a red flag at you then there is no sense in you responding to those of us who are more cautious and question the gov’t. You have ignored all the facts and trusted the gov’t. Misinformation wasn’t questioned until the agenda and narrative began their socialism of the USA. Brainwashing is very easily done when people are in fear. Look these things up. For those that got the vaccine, I pray for you and those with natural immunity you are blessed.!!!

    2. What the article fails to mention is that yes there are cardiac (myocarditis) issues with the vaccine. HOWEVER, there is a grate risk of myocarditis with the natural infection vs the vaccine. This have been proven in multiple studies.

    1. Good to know. I wonder if they are doing the same with patients that previously tested positive for COVID. Research has shown that a natural infection has a greater risk of myocarditis in young adults than the risk associated with a vaccine. Or is this just a political statement they are trying to make on their door?

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