Voter Fraud in Arizona: Corruption as Deep as the Grand Canyon


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While Arizona is not perhaps the most flagrant instance of voting fraud this past presidential election, it deserves more notice, I think, than it has been getting.  There is good reason to believe that, if our elections were as free in Maricopa County as they theoretically are by law, then AZ may not have “flipped” for Biden, but stayed red.  Here is the statement the Republican Party of Arizona posted on Twitter:

Here the Republicans raise the issue of the questionable system of polling places, which were not set up as they ought to have been.  The system set up for voting in Maricopa is even more suspect because Maricopa used the now-infamous Dominion software system for recording votes, the system which resulted in so much voter fraud elsewhere in the US during the election.

Reports have been flooding in of suspicious activities, although many of them are still difficult to find detailed information on (obviously cheaters have a vested interest in covering up their devious actions).  Maricopa County had its share of “Sharpiegate,” where confused voters were told to fill out ballots with a Sharpie—and later found out (as they had originally suspected would happen) that the voting machines rejected their votes as invalid.  They were refused replacement ballots on request.

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward recently declared her intention to file a lawsuit demanding an audit of Maricopa’s election results.  Fox 10 said her lawsuit points to evidence that “some suburbs on the southeastern edge of Maricopa County had an unusually high number of duplicated ballots — and. . .the election results in that area were ‘strongly inconsistent’ with voter registration and historical voting data.”

Also, when ballots were too damaged or illegible, the software would “prefill” Biden’s name more often than not.  Kelli Ward’s suit further states that “election officials wouldn’t let legal observers fully observe the signature verification process and instead made them remain at tables that were 10 to 12 feet (3.6 meters) away from computer monitors.”  (Because observers should have binocular vision, of course.)

“And they all, or many, came in (in) favor of Biden. That is suspicious because it’s one of the most conservative places — Trump-friendly places in (the) entire state, especially in Maricopa County,” said Ward.

Obviously, we are still waiting on more evidence to emerge, but there is a lot here that points pretty positively to extensive voter fraud in Arizona’s Maricopa County.  There needs to be an investigation into what appears to be corruption as deep as the Grand Canyon.

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