Moderna Announces 94% Effective COVID Vaccine, Return to Normalcy on the Horizon for America


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A return to normalcy might be on the horizon, as Moderna Biotech announced Monday that they are applying for emergency use authorization with the FDA and European Medicines Agency.

According to Moderna, they have developed a vaccine that is over 94% effective against typical Covid-19 cases. Better yet, the new vaccine has “no serious safety concerns” with the only concern being mild fatigue and pain after taking the vaccine.

The FDA’s advisory committee is expected to examine Moderna’s vaccine on December 17th, which means Americans could get the vaccine as soon as January. Moderna also claims they will have 20 million doses ready for use as soon as the FDA approves the drug.

Modernas findings are amazing, and they completely contradict what Covid-19 “experts” have said about the longevity of the virus. In September, Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that the United States will not go back to normal until late 2021. However, if Modernas findings are approved we could quickly give the vaccine to the most vulnerable populations, and end the draconian Covid policies as early as March.

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