WATCH: Biden Lies About Fighting Apartheid, Sings Happy Birthday In Gaffe-Ridden MLK Addresses


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Throughout an address celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in America, President Joe Biden made wildly inaccurate claims regarding his role in the Civil Rights movement… again.

Sunday, Biden gave a speech at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta and repeated false claims about his supposed history protesting apartheid as well.

Beginning remarks, Biden said he has two political heroes in his life, naming Dr. King one of them:

Referencing former Atlanta mayor and close MLK Jr. confidante Andrew Young, Biden said, “Andy and I took on apartheid in South Africa, and a whole lot else,” a claim he made on the campaign trail.

He also said he used to attend a Black church.

In 2020, Biden went as far as saying he was detained by South African police while trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison.

During another event honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King on Monday, Biden sang happy birthday to the wife of MLK III, the reverend’s eldest son.

Throughout his career, Biden has falsely claimed involvement in the Civil Rights and anti-apartheid movements repeatedly. In 2021, he made similar inaccurate claims.


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4 Responses

  1. To lie constantly shows a lack of respect for the listener. Politicians lie constantly and should be called out for it immediately. Unfortunately, our politicians lie to us and due to that lack of respect they also steal from us. It was never as bad as it has gotten in the last fifty years. The Biden Crime Family scandals are the best example of complete deterioration of a party. The Democrats know the Biden Follies have been going on for years and they keep voting him into power. Now he has become so egregious they can no longer ignore his crimes and the crimes of his son, Hunter and his brother, Jim Biden. The destruction of the Republican shows Joe Biden is also a traitor.

  2. Interesting. Exagerating, I don’t think, isn’t lying. And if I remember correctly, a former aide/press secretary to our previous president coined the phrase alternative truths after a presidential speech. I think his mantra is ” of I say it over and over people will believe it’s true!”

    1. Your Butt is showing, Mr. fake name, if you really think Biden is only exaggerating. And if that is the case, send me the $10,000.00 you owe me.

  3. Hidenbiden needs to be censored, for all the lies he spews, every time he opens his pie hole. He went to church and told all kinds of lies to people there. He tells the same one’s over and over,that we know, were claimed to be bullshit,but still believes his own crap. The big guy is the major player, with his crackhead son,being the brains of the outfit,both need to be investigated for criminal activity, and treason.

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