WATCH: Biden Says All U.S. Military Vehicles Will Be “Climate Friendly”


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In an Earth Day address to a Seattle crowd, President Biden announced his ambition to make “every vehicle” in the United States military “climate friendly”. 

Biden said he would start the process and be willing to spend “billions to do it”. He also admitted his personal Corvette does “nothing but pollute”. 

The president also mentioned his power to spend taxpayer dollars, “One thing I’ve found One thing I’ve found out as the president of the United States, I get to spend a lot of that money…”

Joe Biden driving a Corvette during campaign season. // Credit: The News Wheel

According to the Telegraph, the Army hosted a demonstration of electric vehicle concepts in 2021. The plan is to have all non-combat vehicles electric by 2035 and combat vehicles electric by 2050. 

President Biden has drawn criticism in the past for his approach to using the military, in both Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. 

Photo credits: Pinterest, The News Wheel

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