PSAKI: Teachers Should Talk to Kids About If They’re “Boy or Girl”


psaki talking to chris wallace
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All across America, radical teachers and school boards are infiltrating our kids’ educations with insane ideas and falsehoods. Most contested among these politically is the teaching of ultra-progressive talking points on gender identity and sex.

Parents have grown wary of hardcore leftist ideology in schools, and they have plenty of cause for concern. Around America, “educators” are feeding our youngest citizens the entirely baseless idea that their gender is not correct.

Parent outrage has been most amplified in states on the Eastern Seaboard, including Virginia, Florida, and Massachusetts.

Earlier in April, we reported on one teacher’s assertion that doctors incorrectly guess gender at birth. That teacher told toddlers that doctors are “sometimes wrong” and “make an incorrect guess” regarding whether the child is a girl or a boy:

Apparently, Joe Biden and his White House are on board with these insane ideas being peddled to our kids.

On an episode of Chris Wallace’s show on the now-defunct CNN+, White House press secretary Jen Psaki discussed the administration’s views on the issue.

In a clip shared to Twitter, Psaki says that teachers should have discussions with students as young as four or five about if they’re “a girl or a boy.”


Wallace, who jumped ship at Fox News to join CNN+, is now looking for a new gig after news that CNN’s streaming service is being shut down. We reported on CNN+’s expensive failure here:

CNN+ Subscription Service Will Shut Down in April; “Doom” Prediction by Axios Vindicated

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