WATCH: Biden Shamelessly LIES About Capitol Police Officer’s Death, Wrongly Blames “Sick” J6 “Insurrectionists”


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Friday, on the 2nd anniversary of the January 6, 2021, Capitol breach, President Joe Biden gave remarks during a press conference, telling a bold-faced lie surrounding the death of Capitol Police Officer William Evans.

“Today is a ceremony to honor heroes of January 6. But we also recognize the late Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans,” Biden said.

According to Biden, Evans was killed due to threats by “these sick insurrectionists.”

However, that isn’t true. Officer Evans was killed by a Black Nation of Islam supporter, who drove a car into multiple officers, killing Evans and injuring another.

Watch Biden lie to the nation:

Biden’s false statement came during the White House’s official January 6 “commemoration.”

Evans’ actual killer was 25-year-old Noah Green, a former college football player in Virginia. Green was a staunch supporter of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

WAVY-TV 10 reporter Brett Hall shared an image of Green to Twitter shortly after his identity was revealed in April 2021.

WAVY-TV 10 reported:

Capitol Police Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman said the suspect did not appear to have been on the police’s radar. But the attack underscored that the building and campus — and the officers charged with protecting them — remain potential targets for violence.

Green described himself as a follower of the Nation of Islam and its founder, Louis Farrakhan, and spoke of going through a difficult time where he leaned on his faith, according to recent messages posted online that have since been taken down. The messages were captured by the group SITE, which tracks online activity.

“To be honest these past few years have been tough, and these past few months have been tougher,” he wrote. “I have been tried with some of the biggest, unimaginable tests in my life. I am currently now unemployed after I left my job partly due to afflictions, but ultimately, in search of a spiritual journey.”

Nexstar’s WXIN learned that he filed a name change petition in Marion County Court in Indiana back in December. Records show he wanted to change his name from Noah Ricardo Green to Noah Zaeem Muhammad.

Friday, the mother of Ashli Babbitt, Micki Witthoeft, was arrested for jaywalking after being near the Capitol for a vigil commemorating the second anniversary of her daughter’s death.

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