WATCH: Biden Thanks CHINA In Embarrassing Address To Canadian Parliament; Lawmakers Laugh


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President Joe Biden continued his gaffe-filled term this week when he addressed the Canadian Parliament Friday morning in Ottawa.

In an address to lawmakers, President Biden accidentally thanked China instead of Canada for addressing the growing immigration problem affecting both North American countries.

“I applaud China,” Biden started his remarks in front of a room full of laughing Canadian lawmakers.

Biden quickly corrected himself, saying, “Excuse me, I applaud Canada, you can tell what I’m thinking about China, and I won’t get into that.” 

The President was on a quick two-day visit to Canada this week to discuss a deal that was agreed to earlier this week that made it harder for asylum seekers to cross the Northern border into Canada. 

The new agreement rescinds certain protections for some migrants who are seeking shielding when they attempt to cross into Canada from the Northern border. 

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“I applaud the US and Canada for stepping up with similar programs, opening new legal pathways for 1500 migrants to come to Canada from countries in the Western hemisphere, at the same time.” 

The US and Canada have seen an increase in the number of migrants crossing the Southern border, much thanks to the Biden administration’s rolling back of Trump-era policies.

“I like your hockey teams, except the Leafs,” Biden later continued, referencing the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“I’ll tell you why, they beat the Flyers, back in January, that’s why. I married a Philly girl, if I didn’t say that, I’d be sleeping alone fellas!”

First Lady Jill Biden is supposedly an avid Philadelphia Flyers fan.

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