CRT IN ACTION: Young Couple’s Toddler Verbally Assaulted On NYC Subway For Being White; Onlookers Do NOTHING (VIDEO)


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A black New York City resident was recently recorded on video harassing a family on a New York City subway train. The video, shared over 421,000 times on social media, shows the black passenger aggressively confronting the white couple and their white son, launching a verbal tirade against them based on the color of their skin. 

“You are a dog in this country, shut up, I am a black American, I am over you,” the man says in the video, which shows the man aggressively confronting the couple and their child. The couple tried to disengage the suspect as he continued to verbally harass them.

“I am going to look younger than him by the time he’s my age,” the man said, targeting the couple’s young son.

The couple responded to the man by ignoring him throughout the entirety of the clip. Unsurprisingly, onlookers on the train did not speak up or step in for the frightened family.

The incident took place on an unidentified subway train and the victims and the suspect remain unidentified.


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One commenter claimed that they noticed the suspect from another incident, writing, “That’s the same guy I saw on a video harassing an Asian girl. Just a sick person.”

Another agreed, writing, “Wait I think he is also the one throwing out racial slurs to Asians and Hispanics. Guess Black supremacy doesn’t have to hide anymore lol.”

“So much hate. If the races were reversed, would a hate crime have been committed?” another commenter responded.

The incident also comes as the NYPD and city officials say that crime on the city’s subway system has been on the decline and that the latest stats available prove the Adams administration’s policy adjustment has worked.


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  1. That is scary! So sad that these people had to go through this. This man belongs in an institution for disturbed people. He was so aggressive that I fear he could have easily killed them. I hope he gets the help he needs. Also, I pray that the little boy will get over the trauma, along with his parents.

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