WATCH: Bronx-Born AOC Challenger Releases Fiery Ad SLAMMING “Socialist Superstar”


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Bronx-born New Yorker Tina Forte is running to take down Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s 14th district in 2022. Forte, known as “Tina40” to over 200,000 loyal followers on Twitter, gained notoriety with her firebrand style, posting videos ripping the left for years. Most recently, she has been a strong voice against mandates, lockdowns, and the socialist ideology that has taken over New York.

Forte does face a tough challenge versus Ocasio-Cortez, who lies to her constituents about a socialist utopia that would never come to the United States without a stiff fight in the streets. However, Forte boasts a strong following and has an unfiltered, old-school New Yorker style that is undeniably tantalizing.

In her brand new advertisement, Forte slams the self-proclaimed Marxist, who has achieved next to nothing in Congress, as the “leading socialist superstar” of the squad. Forte also reminds voters about plenty of AOC’s brainless commentary on lockdowns, the border, and defunding the police, while also hammering the Congresswoman’s recent trip to Florida:

“AOC and her Socialist allies pushed draconian lockdowns, mandates, and school closures.  Violating our rights, ruining our economy, and harming the education of our students.

I’m sick of AOC’s hypocrisy, as we see her basking in Florida’s Republican freedom, frolicking maskless on vacation.  She should have fought for her constituents’ freedoms while Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio acted like dictators.

Things are changing in New York. The people have had enough. The change starts with firing AOC this fall.”



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