WATCH: Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski is DRAGGED Across a Busy Highway by Covid Police


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Pawlowski grew up under communist rule in Poland, where Christianity was banned.

As I reported previously, Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski successfully ordered health officials and police to leave his church on Easter Sunday after they entered without a warrant.  A team of six government agents and officers had invaded the building to shut down services over Covid regulations.

The video of Pawlowski’s defense of his flock went viral, inspiring Christian faithful around the world. 

Unsurprisingly, the Canadian government has now retaliated.  Police arrested Artur over the weekend, forcing him to his knees in the middle of a busy street, handcuffing him, and dragging him over the ground to their vehicle:

Readers can donate to his legal fund here

Pawlowski grew up under communist rule in Poland, which was taken over by the Soviet Union in the 1940s. Religion, and especially Christianity, was banned there.

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  1. The brownshirts never left they simply changed their uniforms. This is disgraceful behavior in 2021. Have PEOPLE not learned anything?

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