WATCH: Detroit School Superintendent ADMITS: ‘Our Schools Are DEEPLY Using CRT’


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Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) superintendent Nikolai Vitti admitted earlier this month that critical race theory is deeply embedded in the curriculum at DPSCD. During a school board meeting occurring in Detroit, Vitti got candid about the hot-button subject. His comments come as a Michigan GOP bill to ban CRT has passed the Michigan House, and Vitti has expressed concern about the bill before.

But in the recently-surfaced November 9th clip, he also explicitly states that DPSCD is teaching children grades K-12 critical race theory, but it gets even worse. He clarified that CRT is being infused into not just social studies and history but also english classes:

“Our curriculum is deeply using critical race theory, especially in social studies, but you’ll find it in English, language arts, and the other disciplines … We’re very intentional about creating a curriculum, infusing materials, and embedding critical race theory within our curriculum.”

He continued, giving Michiganders a great view of the hyperpartisan angle he and his radical left-wing goons are operating on:

“I think our best strategy politically is to lean on the governor to veto it as she has done with other legislation that has passed in Michigan over the last couple of years … I don’t believe the Senate— we might be able to convince the Senate not to pass it, but this looks like a pure Republican feature of legislation for this year.”


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