MAXWELL TRIAL: Epstein’s Pilot Testifies, Spilling Details About Clinton and Gates As ‘Jane Doe’ Describes Underage Pool Party Abuse by Elites


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Just two days into United States versus Ghislaine Maxwell, we have TONS of new testimony and information to share DIRECTLY from the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in Manhattan. Below, we have the latest details on the following:

  • Epstein personal pilot Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr.’s revealing testimony
  • Confirmed names, under oath, that flew on the Lolita Express
  • Testimony from witness Jane Doe, abused as a teen

Let’s get started. Days one and two of US v. Ghislaine Maxwell have been full of testimony from Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime personal pilot, Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. Visoski made headlines yesterday by saying that, in Epstein’s own world, Ghislaine Maxwell was always #2, although Jeffrey always put himself first.

Visoski also testified that Epstein often bestowed upon him lavish gifts, including 40 acres of land in New Mexico and most notably, paying for the education of Visoski’s two teenage daughters.

However, he has continued to vehemently deny that Epstein or Maxwell were sexually abusing teenage girls on the Lolita Express plane, saying he would have quit his job. New York Post reports the following:

Jeffrey Epstein’s former pilot Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. is back on the stand following the court’s lunch break for cross-examination from Maxwell’s defense attorneys.

Visoski — who was employed by Epstein for nearly 30 years — testified he never had any inkling that his boss or Maxwell were allegedly abusing young girls.

“I would have quit my job,” he said.

Today, the trial resumed with Visoski on the stand, and that’s when things began to get specific. It seems that Maxwell’s defense is planning to go after a number of the elites who knew Epstein, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and known sexual deviant Kevin Spacey.

Here is a thread of Visoski’s testimony and questioning from Inner City Press, covering the trial from inside the courtroom:

Above, Everdell seems to suggest that Epstein had special feelings for Visoski’s own daughters, who went to high school and college with the financial backing of Epstein. It was unclear whether this insinuation is connected to the next question regarding Epstein’s need for back massages, but we have more on that below.

Then, according to Inner City Press, Visoski finally confirmed that both Prince Andrew and Donald Trump rode on Epstein’s Lolita Express plane. Trump has previously denied ever flying on the aircraft.

After a break in the action, the cross-examination of Visoski continued, drilling more into the pilot’s daughters and their personal experiences with Epstein and Maxwell:

After Visoski left the podium, one of the witnesses took the stand, identifying Maxwell and going into detail about the predatory abuses of Epstein, Maxwell, and their associates at a pool event she witnessed when she was just 14 years old:

The disgusting abuses of the then-14-year-old Jane Doe were further revealed moments later, when she confirmed that Ghislaine Maxwell was also sexually abusive to her:

[PRE-TRIAL INFO: Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins: Here’s What We Know So Far.]

Obviously, these details, some new and some old, are extremely concerning and very telling of Maxwell and Epstein’s abusive nature towards young girls. As more testimony is unveiled, our publication will continue to keep you in the loop. There are dozens of accounts out there posting false sensationalized information, but we pledge to cover only the facts relayed directly from audio at the courtroom.

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  1. This same story has happened down through the centuries be it Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies, priests, popes and ministers, millionairs, billionairs, high ranking goverment politicians. It is unfortunate but part of human nature. Religion teaches what is right and wrong. More and more people are turning away from religion to a hedonistic life style. Large fortunes will corrupt a person when one can buy anything one may desire. Yes, the rich and powerful are different from you and me. Corruption like this will bring a country down.

  2. several months ago i watched a documentary on firestick channel that lasted without commercials for 4 solid hours of these 13 to 16 years old girls who are now very much adults and they described how they wound up on the epsteins island and other places that was totally directed by this woman on trial and they had film and pictures from their time on this island and other places and they told a sordid disgusting story about the people who came to the island and the people that they had to have sex with….and they all said in this 4 hour documentary that clinton was a main guy as he was there a lot and they had to have sex and play with him in private and one even described what his penis was shaped like and they said they use to laugh about it when they were having to deal with him and they named off a list of democrats a mile long and they were mostly politicians washington and judges and senators and representatives and they did say that remember donald trump coming down but none ever did anything with him as he would go into a meeting with epstein for a couple of hours then he would get on his plane and leave….this 4 hours you all have to watch as it will spell bind you…..

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