WATCH: Reporter Threatened GOP Candidate in Front of Her Kids: “I’ll F*ing Tear You Up”


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100 Percent Fed Up exclusive – On Sunday, Michigan GOP Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo attended a Memorial Day parade in St. Clair Shores, MI, with a group of volunteers and her two teenage daughters when she was reportedly verbally abused and threatened by Deadline Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff.

Last month, Kristina lost her mom after a long battle with leukemia. Since her mother’s passing, Kristina has prioritized spending more time with her two young daughters, who were very close to her mom, and making sure she’s there for her father. On Sunday, Karamo decided to bring her two teenage daughters to the patriotic parade, hoping it would allow her to spend more time with them.

MI GOP Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo

Karamo’s special time with her young daughters came to a screeching halt when one of Kristina’s volunteers spotted Detroit investigative reporter Charlie LeDuff at the parade and brought him over to say “hi,” to Kristina.

The conversation took a drastic turn when LeDuff went off on a bizarre rant over his views that no voter fraud occurred at the TCF Center in Detroit during the 2020 election. LeDuff, who apparently believes he’s an expert on all voter fraud-related issues at the TCF Center since he worked at a table with hired election workers, went off on Karamo who witnessed actual fraud while working as a GOP poll challenger. “I’m going to f*cking tear you up!” he allegedly told Karamo, while several volunteers and her young daughters stood by and watched LeDuff threaten Karamo.

The video begins with LeDuff’s attempts to berate Karamo, “You don’t even know what happened!” he told her. Karamo responded to LeDuff, “You said you were gonna ‘f’ing tear me up!’” The Deadline Detroit reporter doesn’t refute Karamo’s claim, but instead, continues to argue that there was no voter fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit in the wee hours of the morning the following day.

Watch the disturbing interaction here:

LeDuff proved how out-of-touch he was at the TCF Center on the day after the election when he blasted hundreds of poll challengers who claimed voter fraud was rampant at the TCF Center.

Instead of considering their allegations, LeDuff boldly reported that he “was there” and that “no bogus ballots” arrived “at 4 am” on the day after the election:

Deadline Detroit – But it is nearly impossible that mass fraud was coordinated and perpetrated by local and state governments.

How do I know? I was there. In the spirit of civic duty and journalistic curiosity, I volunteered to work processing the more than 150,000 absentee ballots cast in Detroit.

No Bogus Ballots at 4 a.m.

From what I directly witnessed in the bowels of the TCF Center, there was absolutely no appreciable fraud. No trucks rolling in at 4 a.m. stuffed with bogus ballots. No Republican challengers locked out in the halls.

In an exclusive 100 Percent Fed Up interview with Karamo, she explained her run-in with LeDuff:

I know that I cannot agree with everyone on every issue. That said, I will form my opinions from research and investigation, not in reaction to bullying or political ambition. I am not a politician but a servant-leader intent on returning the SoS to operating within the rule of law. Mr. LeDuff is not the first person to attempt to manipulate me through bullying and threats, and, given the vested interests of powerful players in Michigan and America, he is unlikely to be the last. And though it appears he will try to bring some type of harm to me, he, just like so many other threatening bullies, has failed to scare me.

The voters of Michigan deserve a Secretary of State who will examine all elections commensurate with the extent to which corrupted elections threaten state and nation. I pledge to always follow truth wherever it leads and adhere to the law. I am a God-fearing woman who will equally serve even those who do not agree with me. I will examine facts and make conclusions as someone incorruptible, serving citizens while honoring my oath to the Michigan and U.S. Constitutions.

When confronted with threats like “I’m going to f***ing tear you up” and “I’ll find you,” I will trust in God. It is He who has allowed me to remain focused on representing the people of Michigan as a candidate committed to returning the SoS office to operating within the rule of law and the branch offices to serving the citizens. You, the citizens, remain the ultimate authority over the government in Michigan as per the US Constitution. And I fully intend to be your servant-leader as your next Secretary of State.

This isn’t the first time LeDuff, a Pulitzer Prize-winning TV reporter, has behaved unprofessionally. In 2012, he was arrested for urinating in public and biting a security guard during a St Patrick’s Day parade.

Charlie LeDuff is also alleged to have called three policewomen ‘whores’ before becoming involved in a fight at a private party.

The 54-year-old former reporter for Fox 2 News in Detroit allegedly got into a brawl after urinating in the street.

Channel 7, a local Detroit competitor of Fox 2 News, reported on the grotesque incident:

In 2021, local and national media helped Michigan’s current Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to promote a FAKE NEWS story about “armed protesters” standing outside of her home during a Stop the Steal protest. The next day, the Detroit Police revealed in a statement that there was no evidence of any armed protesters outside of Benson’s home.

Curiously, the false story aimed at making peaceful protesters standing up against voter fraud in front of Benson’s home look like domestic terrorists silently went away—but the narrative, like the FAKE NEWS story about the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer, remains in the minds of voters.

Let’s see how many local or national news outlets will cover the story of how Deadline Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff threatened Kristina Karamo. We’ll wait…

4 Responses

  1. On election night we went to bed happy Trump won due to the numbers counted and knowledge of how many vote historically in presidential elections. We watch the attempts to cheat at polls in democratic run polling areas, but thought it was fruitless attempts by leftest. They kept the count8ng open for days as planned and senile unable to take Biden won with 81 million votes and Trump lost with a real count of well over 70 million the more than in 2016. Here is the problem despite the lies, threats, and intimidation of democrats and one party propaganda news which I’d 98% of all the lying news fed to us. Research history never has or could so many people have voted. Second lie left claims endless investigations she while not one federally funded investigation was allowed. Look, Trump often says we must get an honest investigation into the election. You realize the people running this country will never allow this. They threatened us if we question what we witnessed. We realize we are slaves, to the most evilest government in our history. They know this too, this evil is now in deep dodo, they are desperate and capable of any evil act to hold power illegally forever, example their deadly open borders invasion by their invited undocumented. Look, you cannot force a once free people to accept what you say, as truth, with threats, and beatings of the innocent by untouchable Party supporting thug criminals, thanks to our known federal corrupt law enforcement agencies, acting as the personal police of the democratic treasonous party of pure evil. We must peacefully pray, God might remove, these Globalist of evil, an enemy of freedom from power soon.

    1. I watched all the hearings and listened to all the evidence and saw the videos so I know there was fraud and cheating . It is unbelievable how blind and stupid some people can be isn’t it?

  2. You won’t read or hear a word of this from the MSM. She is a republican and a black woman who was threatened by a white fool.

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