WATCH: Joy Reid MELTS DOWN, Compares Kyle Rittenhouse to a SLAVE CATCHER


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Rabid left-wing pundit Joy Reid has done it again, taking her analysis of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict to a brand new stratosphere of liberal insanity. Reid, host of the Reid Out on MSNBC, has consistently reported falsities about Kyle Rittenhouse throughout the past couple of weeks especially.

But THIS is a new one for Joy… she hadn’t yet compared the 18-year-old to a slave catcher… until Friday night, that is. Watch Reid liken modern America and Rittenhouse to the era of slavery:

Another radical NBC employee, Amber Ruffin, a “comedian” with the company, has posted a horribly misleading and downright insane clip to Twitter.

Ruffin makes multiple objectively false claims, misleading viewers and spewing more racial division. Watch:

Joy Reid and Amber Ruffin embody everything that Americans hate about the mainstream media. It is designed to do one thing, to divide us into squares based on race, ideology, and conflict. As Americans, it is up to us to reject the media’s perpetual need to craft a dichotomy of outrage and division amongst our neighbors.


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  1. I guess Joy doesn’t remember that one of the men who met his demise at the hands of hero Rittenhouse was not only a convicted pedophile but was known to use the N word on occasion. So how is that giving up his life for black people? Try again, Joy, because you have yet to be right about anything.

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