WATCH: Member Of U.S. Delegation To Poland TUMBLES DOWN Air Force C-32 Stairs – Was It BIDEN?!


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A clip posted to Twitter shows someone falling and sliding down the stairs of an Air Force C-32 craft just as President Joe Biden was landing in Poland yesterday.

The plane in the video appears to more closely resemble Air Force Two – which the Vice President typically travels in – although that craft has dealt with mechanical issues in recent days, and Biden did arrive in Ukraine in a toned-down version of the Boeing C-32.

Just last week, VP Kamala Harris was forced to travel back to D.C. from Munich, Germany in a clunky C-17 cargo plane.

Many have speculated that Biden is the poor soul who tumbled down the stairs, given his history of losing his footing on the Air Force One stairs.


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3 Responses

  1. You pay for the Ukraine people’s pension… etc. out of the money they paid you and your son!! How dare you take American citizens hard earned money and just give it away? You are nothing but evil.

  2. FDR had problem moving but press covered up his disability. He made it most of the way through WW2. Not implying Biden was as smart as FDR but both appeared committed to geting us into WWs started in Europe by facists while our population majority were isolationists.

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