WATCH: Outraged Loudoun County Parents ERUPT in Chants After School Board SILENCES Them


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Parents around the United States are becoming increasingly concerned about Critical Race Theory and other divisive ideologies being taught to children in schools.

Loudoun, Virginia’s most populous county, has been a hot zone for the controversy, and the angry parents aren’t just white folks; earlier this year, we reported on ANOTHER meeting where a black mother shredded CRT. You can watch that here.

Once again, a county school board was working through a public comment segment when, unexpectedly, the higher-ups blocked new speakers and prematurely silenced the parents.

In an amazing display of unity, this led an entire room full of outraged parents to begin CHANTING “shame on you” to the board:

Then, unfortunately, cops came in and arrested two of the parents, injuring one:

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  1. CRT is Racist and should be outlawed! The school board is paid with tax dollars they should not be allowed to end public comments! They should all be fired!!

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