WATCH: Psaki: ‘Feds are Working with Facebook to Flag Problematic Posts’


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggested the federal government is playing a part in flagging problematic social media posts promoting ‘disinformation.’

The former CNN contributor did her best to make the actions sound perfectly normal, per usual, but publications such as the Rogue Review and the Daily Caller will not allow this administration’s authoritarian behaviors to go unnoticed.

Watch the clip from Psaki’s most recent presser here:

But this is nothing new. Psaki’s comments come just about a week after she spilled the beans on another federal operation: door-knocking for the vaccine.

Watch that press conference clip here:

WATCH: Psaki: ‘Feds Will Be Going Door-to-Door to the Unvaccinated’

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  1. In the 1980s a defected KGB agent was interviewed on tv and he explained how communism/Marxism will chip away at and collapse our free nation in stages. The interview can be seen on YouTube. 1.Demoralization/erosion of morals-takes about 15-20 years or 1 generation’s education✔️ 2.Destablization- 2-5 years accomplished through the economy, foreign relations, defense system ✔️ 3.”Crisis”- about 6weeks. Create a crisis with/violent change of power, structure, and economy. ✔️ There will be a “period of normalcy” (normalcy is a cynical expression) where citizens will be led to believe things are normal. Government will promise all kinds of goodies, a ‘paradise’ on earth. ✔️ This destabilizes our economy, eliminates the free market, and gives “Big Brother”/those in Wa.DC increased power. Creates a false illusion that everything is under control and that we’re living in a time of peace. This is all accomplished via politics, media, and the educational system. ✔️ All this actually goes against the basic principles of the foundation of freedom. THIS is the World Communist System. How can this be fixed? The former KGB agent noted: 1.Need an IMMEDIATE strong NATIONAL effort to educate people in a spirit of REAL PATRIOTISM. 2.Explain the real dangers of socialist communism, having many on welfare by having the BIG government “rescue” the people. His warning-ALL freedoms will vanish as examples he mentioned including those of “homosexuals and those in prisons”. 3.The US population must FORCE the government (and he noted that this can’t/won’t be done via our normal/polite American way through “petitions and letters”) to stop aiding communism. The Soviet’s (and here I personally insert China’s as well) military complex needs stopped from destroying what’s left of our freedoms. There should be NO aiding; NO credits; NO money; NO technology; NO political, diplomatic, nor should their government be “recognized” by the US or other free world powers; NO deals. 4.Educate yourselves bc even highly intelligent people will be/are being fooled. We have been and are currently in a stare of war. We need to understand what’s going on around ourselves. He repeated: We are in a state of war….and this was in the mid-1980s! 5.There is not much time left before there’s a huge convulsion. Capitalists, wealthy businessmen are selling the “rope on which they (my insertion: and everyone else) will hang very soon. Their (the big businessmen-Bill Gates-Microsoft and their “foundation”? Bezos -Amazon and Blue Origin? Zuckerberg-FB with all its “Fact Checking”) need”/their “insatiable appetite for profit” and need to continue trading with Soviets (and now China-the Biden’s) will bring us down. The Big Brother Government created: a) a problem b) the reaction, c) the solution. All this increases government power. They create the chaos, the crime, anarchy in the streets to sell the idea that a World Government is needed; they will create that there’s a constant threat of nuclear war. {Think back of what the mainstream media and far left was pushing when Trump was President-that Trump would lead us into war and we all know that never happened; then Covid hit with the knee-jerk reaction of shutting down the country-and I am NOT making light of the seriousness of Covid and the deaths which were caused}. However, the former KGB agent noted “Their real action is in the REACTION”. He mentioned again how a highly developed minds can be convinced of these false impressions. Groups BECOME the PRODUCTS of what they profess to be AGAINST. …These come to my mind: BLM, WA DC’s push for mandatory LGBTQ Ed in Kdg, Planned Parenthood’s push for sexual education and orientation-for example check out all that CA wants to inject into their educational system!, “gender identity”, Critical Race Theory.

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