WATCH: Radical American Professor Equates US Racism to Nazi Germany


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A video of a Howard University law professor speaking on anti-racism has surfaced, angering many who have seen it.

Quoting the work of radical ‘historian’ Ibram X. Kendi, the professor claims that not being actively ‘antiracist’ in today’s America is equivalent to being a non-Nazi living peacefully in Hitler’s Germany.

Watch here:

Twitter users shared their thoughts:

Great point here:


One Response

  1. As the son of a card carrying
    Nazi member of Hitler’s SS, I can only say that comparing racism in America to Naziism in 1930-40’s Germany is ridiculous. I don’t see any people being put in boxcars and shipped off to extermination camps. I don’t see businesses being shut down, or burned and looted because of the ethnicity of the owner (unless during a peaceful BLM protest). I don’t see anyone being forced out of their homes and losing all their worldly possessions then forced into horid living conditions such as what happened to the Jews in Warsaw and other locations. So stop with the Nazi comparisons, it only makes you look ignorant.

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