WATCH: San Francisco Citizens & Leaders Demand City Approve RADICAL Reparations Plan: $5M+ For Each Black Resident


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Residents in San Francisco lined up at a City Council meeting Tuesday to voice and sing their full-pledged support for a plan that would offer reparations to the city’s African-American population. The plan would allow for the city to offer its Black residents $5 million each, wipe out all personal debt, and provide $97 thousand in income for 250 years, the Daily Mail reports.

The radical plan would also authorize the city to sell houses for $1 for all those who identify as Black. 

Acting SFPD Captain Yulanda Williams, who is President of the Officers for Justice, came to the meeting to voice her full-fledged support of the plan. “My dad always told me never to beg, and I’m not begging,” Williams said when it was her turn to speak.

“It is time for you to do the right thing, and provide us with reparations, make us whole.” 

The state’s far-left emphasis on reparations only grew with the death of George Floyd, when California promised to make a plan to address the issue. 

Several of the citizens who took part in the meeting said they are owed reparations because their ancestors faced racism and racist policies.

“I don’t need to impress upon you the fact that we are setting a national precedent here in San Francisco,” said Tinisch Hollins, Vice Chair of the African-American Reparation Committee. 

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“What we are asking, and what we’re demanding for, is a real commitment to what we need to move things forward,” Hollins continued. 

The current plan that has been proposed sets the guidelines as follows: 1) An individual must identify as Black/African-American for 10 years on public documents, and 2) they must be 18 years or older.

Other circumstances include 1) being Born in San Francisco, between 1840 and 1996, and having proof of residency in San Francisco for 13 years, or 2) having migrated to San Francisco between 1940 and 1996.

Other factors include 1) personally being or being the direct descendent of someone who was incarcerated by the failed war on drugs, 2) having a record of attendance in San Francisco public schools, and 3) being a descendant of someone enslaved before 1865. 

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The plan has many supporters throughout the city, though they have yet to explain how it will be paid for. 

Aaron Peeksin, who is on the Board of Supervisors for the city, has said that the plan is unworkable.

San Francisco doesn’t have the financial wherewithal, even if we thought it was a good policy, to get into the reparations payment business,” Peeksin said. 

The plan was unanimously supported by the City Council.

The plan will be revisited again in June when a final version is expected to be released.

5 Responses

  1. “Woke goes broke”, “stupid is as stupid does,” over the cliff they go”, land of fruits and nuts,”oh aand “suffer the consequences” just a few sayings that pertain to this city and people.

  2. You don’t get reparations for receiving your freedom and voting stupid. Reparations are only due to the victims of Federally enforced racial discrimination and sexual discrimination referred to as “affirmative action”. If you’re going to pay blacks for being stupid, keep the checkbook out for the real victims!

  3. I thought all these people in Frisco were nuts, now they have removed all doubt. This takes the term ‘money grubbers’ to a whole new height. This is the single most blindingly insane thing I have heard. Gimme my money! Gimme MO money! Money money money! Gimme gimme gimme! Mo mo mo! They deserve nothing.
    If they are paid all this cash, they will turn around and demand MO MONEY. If they are not paid, they will begin destroying the city and continue to crap everywhere. What an unholy freaking MESS. This is extortion and nothing more. Tell them to pound sand and get a job. Good Grief.

  4. Excellent. They should make anyone who leaves San Francisco continue to pay it also. Let them feel the burden of slavery and their descendants should have to continue making the payments also. They should probably have to make some sort of pilgrimage like a mecha thing where they have to go back to San Francisco once a year and kneel before

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