WATCH: Trump Promised to End Roe v Wade in 2016


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Friday, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, sending a shock wave through America. After nearly 50 years of inferred constitutional rights on abortion, the court has sent authority on the issue down to the states.

Even though a drafted decision leak last month revealed that Roe was likely gone, left-wing Twitter users shared their outrage, many bringing wildly radical “burn down America” takes to the platform.

Conservatives, some in support of ending abortion, some not, pointed to President Trump’s term in office. Pro-life advocates, putting faith in past presidents Reagan, H.W. Bush, and W. Bush, tried for decades to build conservative courts that would ultimately overturn the decision.

But it was Trump, doubted by so many traditional, Pro-life conservatives in 2016, who turned out to be the long-awaited Republican president to successfully take down Roe with three Supreme Court confirmations.

And he promised it during the 2016 campaign. During a debate hosted by Fox News and moderated by brief CNN+ star Chris Wallace, Trump said he was fully committed to sending the abortion issue back to the states by nominating “2, or even 3” Supreme Court Justices.


Many conservatives, including most of the Daily Wire, as well as the GOP establishment, doubted that Trump would actually serve Americans as a true conservative.

Now, Trump arguably has the most conservative issue legacy of any Republican president in the past century. With the originalist court he built, that conservative legacy will only grow.

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