VIDEOS: Abortion Rioters Attack Capitols, Bomb Police, Burn American Flag


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After Roe v Wade was officially overturned by the Supreme Court Friday, pro-abortion riots broke out across the country. Death threats have led to at least two SCOTUS Justices being “moved to a secure location,” and police around the country have dealt with violent rioters. In this article, we’ve compiled clips from across America.

Let’s start in Phoenix, where lawmakers hunkered down inside the state Capitol building as riot officers fired tear gas from building windows to quell the demonstration outside.


Here is another video from the Phoenix Capitol riot, coming from inside the building, where state lawmakers were hiding out:

In Los Angeles, a violent Antifa rioter aimed a homemade flamethrower at police, attempting to burn them with it. Later, the perpetrator was arrested:

In New York City, a protestor burned an American flag while donning a transgender pride flag:

Another protestor in DC climbed atop the Frederick Douglass bridge and urged others to join him in the dangerous act:

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