WATCH: Youngkin OFFICIALLY Signs School Mask Mandate Ban to ROARING Applause


youngkin signing mask mandate ban for schools
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On the campaign trail, then-candidate Glenn Youngkin won over the parents of Virginia running on his pro-parent, anti-mandate platform. One of his top promises to his supporters was a definitive end to school mask mandates that restricted our kids’ breathing, held back their social development, and dampened their days in class.

Wednesday, Youngkin officially honored that promise, surrounded by kids, his family, Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, Attorney General Jason Miyares, and proud Virginians.

“Children have not only suffered learning loss… they’ve suffered relationship loss. And now is our chance to give ALL parents the right to give parents the power to make decisions we know they have … Today we are restoring power back to parents! But we are also re-establishing our expectations that we will get back to normal. And this is the path …

It is my distinct privilege and honor to be able to sign Senate Bill 739 into LAW in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Governor Glenn Youngkin

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