VIDEO: Virginia Mother FORCEFULLY REMOVED from School Board Meeting


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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Wednesday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin DELIVERED on one of his top campaign promises, signing Senate Bill 739 into law, which bans school mask mandates by giving parents the choice to opt-out.

This represents a huge step in the right direction for Virginia’s parents, who have fought so hard to see it through. Virginia’s dauntless mothers and fathers have taken to school board meetings since lockdowns first started, demanding pro-kid changes to draconian rules.

But unfortunately, power-hungry school boards are STILL working to silence parents with the help of the federal government, which labeled outraged American moms and dads as “domestic terrorists.”

In a new clip from a February 16th school board meeting in Prince William County in Virginia, a mother is seen being forcefully removed from the meeting as an onlooker questions the school board’s goons.

“Why are you assaulting those people,” the bystander asks, “Why are you assaulting them!?”

The clip was posted to Twitter by the American Principles Project.


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  1. Keep sending your children to be raised by these people. Honestly it’s hard to feel sympathy for people who do this, you’re asking for control, tyranny and the indoctrination and brainwashing of your children. YOU are the parent! Stop letting these goons manhandle and control you and your children. What do you think they’re learning here? I told people years ago to get your kids out of the public schools but the parents drop the kids at the door and zoom off to work. Well maybe this parent better just go on to work and let this rogue government raise her children.

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