WINNING: 4 Reasons Conservatives Should Back Trump in 2020


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The Democratic Party is a reflection of the minds and hearts of those who embrace it.  The raw-sewage stink of San Francisco, the burning dumpster fires of Minneapolis; these reflect the souls of the socialists who run those towns.  Ugly.  Intolerant.  Hateful.  Hearts that desire truth and beauty don’t brutalize others and burn cities. 

Democrats are utterly united in their hatred of President Donald J. Trump, the duly elected leader of the United States.  Though that hate is the echo of hollow souls, its power to keep Democrats together is undeniable.  Patriots may laugh as Democrats routinely turn on their own, but those attacked do not become alienated or join the Republican Party.  They apologize to the mob who beat them.  

On June 25th, Fox News reporter Danielle Wallace wrote about a Democrat-run Minneapolis neighborhood where residents agreed to never call the police – in order to fight racism.  The area soon turned into a war zone of drug dealers and thieves, and a local man, Mitchell Erickson, was robbed at gunpoint.  As Fox News reported:

“[Erickson] regretted calling 911 when two black teenagers cornered him a block away from his home, held a gun to his chest and demanded his car keys. “Been thinking more about it,” Erickson said in a text message to a reporter. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”

People like this aren’t going to stop voting Democrat.  They won’t even defend themselves.  They are determined to take the path of self-destruction, and that means something important for us.  

We need to unite; with God and with each other.  We must show the world the power of our unified voices, and prove that common purpose is attainable without authoritarianism.  

In recent years, I’ve loved watching conservative, libertarian, and independent-minded voters engage in deep intellectual discourse, fueled by the limitless information of the internet, late-night caffeine, and scorn for authoritarianism and censorship.  But I’ve also been disappointed by (and personally guilty of) the expectation of perfection in a human world, and the tendency of many patriots to abandon our leaders every time we don’t get exactly what we want.

It’s true – some “conservative” or “libertarian” leaders need to go, especially those who have broken every commitment and promise they’ve ever made.  Some leaders disappoint us with their personal lives (and some of us forget that we are also sinners).  Some 2016 supporters of both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump still fight each other, not realizing that those two men are now extremely close allies, whatever their personal feelings may be.  

Elections matter in America, and we need to stand together and support those who are on the ballot rather than wishing for those who are not.  Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan aren’t there, but you can afford to smile about who is.  Let’s look at some of the extraordinarily positive changes that have taken place in the last few years under President Trump:

  1. Immigration:  Everyone this side of the insane left agrees we need to prevent drugs, human traffickers, and endless job-seekers from crossing our borders.  Trump’s wall was his key campaign promise, and he claims he has built over 200 miles of it.  If true, that is a huge reason to support his re-election campaign. Sometimes we hear that “only a few miles” have been built.  But that’s simply not the case.  Yes, only twenty or so new miles have been built, but it’s willful ignorance to suggest that hundreds of miles of outdated fencing being replaced by a high-tech 18 to 30-foot wall doesn’t count.  The old barriers weren’t great the day they were installed and were a mess by the time Trump got to them.  Moreover, while the wall has faced constant opposition from Democrats, both new and replacement barriers are now being installed at a rapid pace. Additionally, while the Supreme Court dealt him a temporary setback in DHS v. Regents University, Trump kept his promise to end what the Court actually admitted was the illegal Obama-era DACA program (allowing thousands of illegals to remain in the U.S.).  While the Court’s wrongful decision will force the Trump administration to offer a fuller explanation for ending DACA, Trump has reiterated his commitment to show DACA the door, stating the day the ruling came out that he will “start this process all over again” and keep going. In addition, immigration enforcement officers are recording record numbers of deportations, with a strong focus on deporting violent criminals.  
  1. Pro-life cause: The pro-life cause is closer to ultimate victory than it has been in fifty years.  It is illegal in the United States to place serious restrictions on abortion, and it will be until we either change the Constitution or the makeup of the Supreme Court.  President Trump’s Supreme Court appointments (confirmed because Republicans held the Senate) have given us our first real shot at overturning Roe v. Wade and creating a pro-life nation.  Yes, Republican justices sometimes disappoint (see John Roberts) and yes, I share that frustration.  But allowing Joe Biden to replace the elderly Justices Ginsburg and Breyer would ensure decades of pro-death policies. Four more years of Trump might deliver the greatest victory for unborn children in world history.
  1. Energy independence:  Politicians have droned for decades about how we shouldn’t depend on foreign oil, and how it could drag us into needless wars, or jack up gas prices.  And they were right – they just never did anything about it. Trump, on the other hand, has been so successful that the U.S. Department of Energy says America will be a net exporter of energy in 2020, selling millions of dollars in coal, oil, and natural gas to other countries instead of paying them for it.  Trump opened millions of acres for responsible oil drilling and coal mining, and de-regulated the natural gas industry, not only reducing energy prices but creating millions of jobs.  Speaking of which…
  1. Jobs:  On May 3rd of 2019, the left-wing NPR acknowledged that unemployment had reached its lowest level in fifty years.  Just think – fifty years prior Joe Biden was nearly 27 years old, instead of 77 (he’ll be exactly 78 and two months on inauguration day).  And while I never supported shutting down our economy (here’s proof that I opposed the shutdown as soon as it started the reality is that even now, the economy is coming back fast. We gained the highest number of jobs for any month ever in May with 2.5 million, and then racked up a gain of 4.8 million in June.  While Trump should come out completely against any further shutdowns, the real problem is that power-hungry governors like Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf are intentionally keeping their state’s economies down to hurt Trump in November.  If they opened up, we could restore the economy to normal levels in less than a year.

Remember this: General George Washington’s support waxed and waned throughout the American Revolution.  He faced a serious plot by one of his leading generals to replace him, nearly had his army leave him due to expiring enlistments after a series of defeats in New York, and frankly made numerous miscalculations and blunders.  But because patriots stuck with him, we have the nation that we do today.  I’m asking you to stick by a leader again – filled not with doubt but with faith in God and your fellow Americans.

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  1. Thank you for standing strong in the face of opposition and senseless hatred of truth. Thank you for remembering God’s name and raising it high, and thank you for reminding us all that America survives and in us, it’s ideals survive. May you be blessed for your courage and determination to speak truth.

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