WITNESS: ‘Hillary Was Using a WHEELCHAIR During 2016 Campaign’ (VIDEO)


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A new bombshell report from the Gateway Pundit reveals allegations that decrepit former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton was using a wheelchair during her 2016 campaign for President.

The report, while unexpected, is not as crazy as it sounds, considering Clinton was spotted stumbling and even failing to walk on her own plenty of times during the race. Here’s a video that went viral back in September 2016 showing Clinton stumbling then being lifted into a black van:

Of course, the media, aside from conservative outlets and Fox News, covered for the Clinton campaign, denying any major health issues, despite seeing in plain sight exactly how unhealthy the drone strike aficionado had become.

But now, first-hand testimony from the wife of slain St. Louis police officer David Dorn, who died at the hands of BLM, alleges that Clinton’s issues were EVEN WORSE than what ANYONE thought.

In an exclusive interview with Joe Hoft on his radio show, Ann Dorn, who was employed at a St. Louis hotel where the Clinton campaign stayed, told all.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Today, former St Louis police officer Ann Dorn, was on The Joe Hoft Show at Real Talk 93.3. Ann is a retired Sergeant with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and a Police Widow (Survivor). Her husband David, who was a retired Police Captain with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and a retired Chief of Moline Acres Police Department, was murdered June 2, 2020, during the riots in St. Louis, MO.

In 2016 Ann worked at the hotel where Hillary was stationed before the 2016 Presidential debate in St. Louis.  Ann shared her first-hand account related to Hillary Clinton and in particular her health that until today has never been reported.  Below are segments from her interview where she discusses her first-hand accounts.

I was the supervisor assigned to the hotel she [Hillary] was staying at… Everything was enclosed.  Walkways within the hotel were enclosed with tarps.  And that Scooby van that everybody calls, we were talking about it and there were secret service agents there and they were talking like, ‘Oh yeah, they have it specially made for her.  It’s curb height because she can’t step up or down.  They want it right at the curb so she can walk right in to it.’

[During a walkthrough a week or so before the event with the Secret Service, Police and hotel staff]  We were walking around and where she was going to practice her debate was at the other end of the hotel in a conference room… It’s like a whole block away…The Secret Service agents looked at us and said, ‘she can’t do this… She can’t walk and they’re arguing with each other, she can’t walk.’ [They said we’ll have to get a wheelchair but then said they couldn’t do that because people would see her in it.]

The day that she arrived, we’re at the hotel waiting.  Everybody knows there’s always a motorcade with Secret Service involved. Highways get shut down for everybody.  All the sudden the motorcade stops .  Nobody knows why.  I’m in the communications center and there’s some bickering on the radio because you can hear Secret Service talking and they’re bickering back and forth.  I’m not thinking much about it.  So they get there.  And of course, when they get there the hotel shuts down completely… Wherever you are you’re locked down completely and you can’t leave because Hillary doesn’t want to see you…Nobody is supposed to see her.  She doesn’t want to look at anybody.

[In the Comms Center where Ann was at, two Secret Service guys were arguing] ‘Why wasn’t the medical bag in the van.  Why was it in car number whatever?’

There is MUCH more included in Joe Hoft’s entire segment with Ann Dorn. WATCH:

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