World Economic Forum Wants MORE Gene Therapy in Low-Income Countries


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Opinion Column | Washington’s Bayonette

The insidious World Economic Forum (WEF), chief architects of the “Great Reset” and the plan for 2030 where you “own nothing, have no privacy, and love it,” published an Oct. 21 article titled, “Gene therapy: Why we need to accelerate global access to the world’s most expensive drugs.” Because you can definitely trust the group that threatened to record every word, thought, and action to ensure your compliance. 

WEF even indirectly revealed one problematic inducement for gene therapy—a potential market of $19.88 billion by 2027 for such gene-altering “treatments.” Because money never influenced anybody.

In fact, the Covid-19 “vaccines” are gene therapy (mRNA)—and Big Pharma made a killing (or rather 750,000 killings) off them.  Just in the first three months after the rollout of its Covid vaccine, Pfizer made $3.5 billion off it. Moderna’s $12 billion 2021 profit was “fueled” by its Covid vaccine sales.  In the third quarter of 2021, Johnson&Johnson made $502 million off its Covid vaccine.  Meanwhile, governments got to maintain an unprecedented amount of control over people’s lives due to their vaccine status.  Gene therapy really pays dividends, huh?

“[WEF] More than 110 years ago, a Chicago doctor observed thin, elongated red blood cells in a patient suffering from episodes of severe pain. This was the first documented report of sickle cell disease. A century later, there is no widely available cure, but gene therapy, one of the fastest-growing areas of medicine, is on course to change this. Now the question becomes, when a cure is found, who will benefit?

The ability to make precise changes to the human genome offers a chance to address the root cause of dozens if not hundreds of diseases, but many worry that the transformative potential of these therapies will remain siloed to high-income countries.”

Translation: non-white people around the world have not yet taken enough biologically damaging and altering “treatments.”  Think I’m exaggerating?

Why is it that Bill Gates and the World Health Organization (WHO) were tied to forcible sterilizations in Africa, Asia, and South/Latin America?  As far as I have found, they were not forcibly sterilizing Frenchwomen and Canadians with those programs.  They were targeting Nigerians, Mexicans, and Kenyans.  The excuse that these countries are poorer is no sort of explanation for forcible sterilizations.  By the way, WEF and WHO previously partnered to launch an “emergency task force” for Covid-19, according to Business Insider India.  All these globalists work together and have the same goals, it seems.

Also, remember that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla previously described a microchipped pill at a WEF event by saying, “imagine the compliance;” and recall that the gene therapy Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine is manufactured by a Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-owned company in the US.  You can’t trust groups like WEF to mess with your genes.

“A new white paper from the World Economic Forum, Thunderbird School of Global Management and Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University describes what it will take to make gene therapies a reality in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) by analyzing six countries actively pursuing gene therapies and highlighting the champions leading these efforts.

Gene therapy is at an inflection point. Decades of exploratory research have laid the foundation for powerful new technologies leading to an exponential rise in new gene therapies. In mid-2022, there were more than 2,000 gene therapies in development worldwide targeting dozens of therapeutic areas, including cancer, neurological, blood, immunological, cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

This growing list is translating into economic opportunities as the gene therapy market is forecast to increase from $5.33 billion in 2022 to $19.88 billion by 2027. But the positive health and economic outlook for gene therapies is tempered by significant barriers to access.”

And Pfizer just quadrupled the price for its Covid-19 “vaccines.”  Don’t bother asking if any of these gene therapies are effective, however.  WEF didn’t seem to care about covering that issue.

WEF deceptively said, “Gene therapies are the most expensive drugs in the world.”  Many gene therapies are millions of dollars per treatment, but governments are providing many Covid vaccines for free (WEF never admitted mRNA Covid vaccines are gene therapy in the article).  What I find interesting is that some African countries were among the least Covid vaccinated in the world.  Is WEF frustrated that this gene therapy treatment was not trusted by Africans?  Is it hoping other gene therapies will be more successful in Africa and elsewhere?

“The complex equipment, expert personnel and mature regulatory environments necessary to develop, test and administer gene therapies are largely insufficient or absent in low- and middle-income countries. This is partially why, in August 2022, there were approximately 1,000 open gene therapy clinical trials globally, yet fewer than 5% were recruiting in LMICs (not including China), with only four trials in Africa. Under this current trajectory, supply will never reach demand.”

What demand?  Are Africans lining up in droves for more experimental treatments from lying, corrupt Europeans and Americans?  I think not.

WEF specifically cited HIV and sickle cell disease.  But with the gene therapy Covid vaccines such tremendous failures, and governments, pharma companies, and organizations like WEF lying about the failure, how can they be trusted to give safe and effective gene therapy treatments for other diseases like HIV?  Fool me twice. . .

“The new white paper highlights several doctors across Africa and Asia who are determined to disrupt the prevailing global health paradigm, not waiting for market forces to make gene therapies in LMICs a possibility but ensuring that they become an inevitability.

To understand the unique barriers hindering low- and middle-income countries from entering the global gene therapy market, the white paper examines five LMICs that are actively pursuing gene therapies – Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Thailand and India.”

Interestingly, Gates Foundation-funded polio treatments in India previously caused so many problems his program was asked to leave the country.  And South Africa’s police are closely partnered with CCP police.

Meanwhile, WEF is partnering with the Canadian and Dutch governments to roll out a digital ID required to do or buy anything, and a World Bank consultant just said, “Digital identity is not enough,” government should have access to data on an insanely invasive scale (World Bank is partnering with Singapore on a digital ID).

But you can totally trust these people to tamper with your DNA.

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