The Chinese Communist Party Has a Police Station Near YOU


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Opinion Column | Washington’s Bayonette

“The Chinese government runs like the mafia.”  The genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP) opened a police station in your country.  Yes, really.

CCP government police are hunting down political dissidents and coercing them into returning to punishment in China, circumventing extradition laws, gathering intelligence, kidnapping those they can’t coerce, and sometimes partnering with local police in multiple countries around the world, including the US, according to The China Show.

The offices have even been found operating covertly out of businesses, including a Chinese restaurant.  It’s like “sending in the military.”

An actual invasion, in fact, but without a single shot fired or a bit of resistance put up against the occupying force.  The world surrendered to China faster than Simone Biles quit the Olympics—and with about as much self-awareness.

The countries with CCP police offices are Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, UK, Greece, Canada, US, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Brunei, Japan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Lesotho, Cambodia, Serbia, Ukraine, Sweden, Austria, Germany, and Slovakia (some of the countries with one office, some with multiple).

South Africa, Zambia, and Croatia have a police partnership with the CCP, too (CCP police trained South African police and apparently stayed on afterwards). The American CCP police office is in New York City.  There are reportedly 36 CCP police offices in Europe alone, and 54 altogether around the world—the map shows you where.


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Matt Tye and Winston Sterzel “were the first YouTubers in China,” according to their podcast description on Apple Podcasts.  After uncovering some information the CCP didn’t want revealed, Matt and Winston had to escape China, and they now have a podcast, The China Show, where they discuss subjects including Chinese culture, politics, economics—and government influence, both at home and abroad. 

The CCP is the greatest mass murderer of all time, responsible for some 500 million deaths, and it is currently threatening nuclear war against the US, among various other threats.  The CCP is conducting a tyrannical persecution against Chinese Catholics, conducting religious- and ethnic-based genocide against the Uyghur Muslims (the latest of multiple genocides), normalizing inhumane practices like forced live organ harvesting, running an authoritarian surveillance state, and starving its own people under “zero-Covid” policies.

That’s not to mention creating Covid-19 in a lab and producing the Covid vaccines that killed hundreds of thousands.  But apparently, governments in Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, and South America were not disturbed when CCP police decided to set up shop in their countries.

No reason to be alarmed.  Genocidal dictatorships’ thugs usually come in peace with totally benign intentions.

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Detailing the phenomenon on The China Show, Matt began, “The idea was that the Chinese government wanted to have its own police force or own authorities in other countries that wouldn’t usually allow them.  So the idea was that—not to send over [saying]. . .‘I want you guys to consider this idea in London. Let’s open up a bunch of police stations where, ah, Chinese police are going to have authority in your city.’ They would hang up the phone and be like, ‘That’s ridiculous’.” 

Apparently, other governments do not find the reality ridiculous, which is, to speak frankly, moderately mind-blowing.

“But what the—you know, the easier and nicer way to do that is, ‘Hey, our local municipality, which has nothing to do with the government. . .wants to send over some police officers, and what they’re going to do is the police duties that don’t require arresting people. . .the stuff that police are supposed to do, ah, the peaceful stuff, like facilitating, um, personal relations, to act as a conduit between local authorities,’” Matt explained.

“And this is how they pitched it.  They said, ‘Listen’ (particularly European countries) ‘if you let our local municipality, like, cops to show up and set up little offices, they’ll—they’re not going to act like cops. They’re going to help the Chinese tourists that oftentimes get into trouble, because they don’t understand the local language.’”

So apparently these governments trust the Beijing that cried wolf. Why wouldn’t they; the CCP has such a track record of trustworthiness.

Winston chimed in with Matt, “It was a big push. . .’We’re sending Chinese police to help Chinese tourists because of the language barrier, because of the cultural barrier.’ That was their biggest excuse to get [police] in.”

Matt continued to explain what the Chinese police do abroad, “And from the criminal aspect, the other idea was that, ‘We’re not going to go arrest anyone that’s, ah, not breaking laws in your country. It’s only going to be to help define, like, fraud. . .from abroad, right?  So we’ll go and find our people that are committing those crimes, right, and we’ll help you because they’re committing a crime in your country too.’ Then you finally have reasons for extradition, or at least negotiation.”

What a thoughtful dictatorship the CCP is!

“So what happened very quickly was that they would set up these offices,” Matt said, “but what they’re actually doing was finding human rights activists and other people that are not breaking local laws–of course—political dissidents that are anti-CCP, runaway CCP officials that have left the party, all—just run the gamut.”  As Winston described it, “[They] just harass the [Chinese] diaspora, basically.”

Matt further explained how the CCP goes about its dirty work—often in countries that call themselves free and democratic.  “They allowed a conduit to go into your country and find people that were not breaking local laws but breaking laws in China, and what they would do is coerce—they’d find their location, coerce them into this police office, and then instead of saying, ‘Here, let me help you renew your passport,’ they’re saying, ‘Here, let’s get on a video call, and by the way we have your parents on the other end, say hi!’” Because the CCP cares so deeply about family ties, right? “Next to their parents on the video call would be a police officer, or a public security bureau [official] in China saying, ‘You’re in big trouble, you better come back home before we punish your parents’” or children, Matt added.

These CCP police can even reportedly kidnap people with impunity, if put to it.

“In some very drastic cases, there are. . .extralegal ways of kid—actually kidnapping people,” Matt stated.  “So what this was, is an intelligence gathering office to find Chinese diaspora in these countries.”  And, as Matt observed, this activity is not likely to stay restricted to Chinese dissidents.  “I’m going to hazard a guess that it goes beyond Chinese diaspora,” Matt said.

“Anybody that has anything to do against the Chinese government. . .They brag about how they’ve managed to get 200,000+ people home. . .so it’s basically a mafia tactic. . .The Chinese government runs like the mafia.” And with a genocidal regime like the CCP, responsible for some half a billion deaths, as well as torture and internment camps, I think we can safely say that many of these 200,000+ people forced to return to China did not get a fair trial and a reasonable sentence or release.

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Winston noted that it’s a lot harder to get official extradition from another country for something like free speech critique of the CCP.  But the CCP apparently don’t always need permission to carry out their nefarious coercive activities.  “’Even if they aren’t allowed to set up these police stations, they still do it anyway. They’ll use the Confucius Institutes, cultural exchange programs, anything where they’ve got boots on the ground, the consulates,” Winston said.

The Chinese “United Front” is a real influence operation.  It was just reported that 162 scientists who worked for a top US nuclear lab also worked for the CCP, and that many of them were from the Thousand Talents program—in which participants have to promise to hand over all their research and information to the CCP.

Winston and Matt said that at least two CCP police offices were found operating covertly out of a real estate company (in London, UK) and a Chinese restaurant (in Glasgow, Scotland) respectively.

Winston and Matt gave examples of CCP police reach, noting that where the Chinese police are from gives a hint about what they want to do, because certain provinces’ police specialize, for instance, in chasing down those fleeing China or intelligence gathering.

In Zambia, Winston and Matt said, the CCP went beyond the office plan. The Chinese police have an actual partnership with the local police. This is not unusual in Africa, where China’s Belt and Road initiative and various projects allow it to exercise worrying influence over different African countries.  Matt said of the Chinese, “They’ll be able to have offices there [in some countries], to actually effectively govern their own populace [shipped in by the CCP] in a foreign country.”

Winston said the CCP often sends in its police “to safeguard their projects.”  He noted that locals in Africa often may resent the CCP projects and influence, mining, “exploiting” the locals, etc., and the CCP police are basically like “sending in the military” to ensure China’s project succeeds.  Serbia and Croatia have a “full partnership” with the Chinese police too, they said.

Winston and Matt also discussed how CCP officials will get their dubious monetary gains from corruption out of China by buying property in places like Vancouver, Canada; Australia; and California, USA.  That doesn’t even count all the thousands of acres of US real estate the CCP itself has bought—including specifically around US military bases.

Matt expressed his frustration that this research has been done by people before but it doesn’t seem to reach Congress or any Parliaments around the world.  And if it perhaps has reached some governmental bodies, why has nothing been done? Winston agreed, emphasizing how hard it is to get China out of institutions around the world, including top universities where CCP programs in Africa, America, etc. pay students to spout CCP propaganda.  And yet nothing is done?

Why, indeed?  Matt and Winston did not say this, but the reality is that many governments and powerful global entities are heavily invested in China or openly pander to China.  The Biden regime, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Pfizer and BioNTech (makers of the Covid vaccine), Google, World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation, the dictator of Rwanda, the prime minister of India, SnapChat, World Health Organization, Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, Facebook, Disney, the Russian government, the Iranian regime, the Taliban, and Nike are just a very few of the governments, organizations, and companies that have ties to or open admiration for China.

Matt emphasized “how much” China pumps into South Africa and elsewhere, “insane amounts of money,” for its influence operations.  Is it paying off?  Sometimes less so, sometimes more so.  It certainly seems to be paying off in most countries, because the world is faster asleep than an atheist in evening church service when it comes to the threat China poses to it.

China already established its global empire, with its advance guard embedded in dozens of countries.

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  1. On the police stations, why didn`t anyone bring this up as soon as the first “police station” was being set up. Yes, the very first ONE. That`s when it should have been shut down. Then, as we all know it comes down to the money. Once the money is taken, it`s all over, you`re bought. Same as the people complaining about China buying farmland across our country. The people that sold the land are to blame along with the government. Yes, the Fed for allowing of the sale to be authorized. Once the first deal was done the rest got in line and got f***ed. Now the government wants to stop the selling of our farmland, come on, a little too late.

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