Youngkin BLASTS Fairfax Schools Admin for Harboring Sex Offender [WATCH]


governor youngkin blasts fairfax county public schools for employing sex offender

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin put Fairfax Public Schools administrators on blast Monday for employing a middle school counselor who had previously been convinced of a sex crime with a minor. 

7NewsDC gained an exclusive statement from the governor, recorded via video. 

“This is an astonishing revelation…for there to be a school counselor who was arrested for sex solicitation of a minor in 2020 and for that issue for only now to be resolved…if those facts are correct, this is wholly unacceptable.”

Former middle school counselor Darren Thornton convicted of sex crimes. (FCPS)

Youngkin continued, “This is a failure on behalf of administrators to protect students. This is the primary challenge now: how do we keep our students safe in schools? Fairfax county better investigate this immediately. They need to find out who is at fault…”

Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid circulated a letter among parents last week, informing them of her discovery of a counselor at Glasgow Middle School who had been previously convicted of solicitation of prostitution of a minor [7NewsDC]. Darren Thornton is confirmed to be the former Fairfax County middle school counselor.

Youngkin, possibly eying a 2024 Presidential bid, made school safety and classroom sanity a major pillar of his campaign for governor. Now, Youngkin is taking concrete steps for higher office. The Governor met with GOP mega-donors earlier this summer and also hinted at a potential run.

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According to Virginia state law, law enforcement agencies are required to inform the school superintendent when a school employee is charged with a felony or Class 1 misdemeanor. 

According to 7NewsDC: 

“The Chesterfield County Police Department says that according to their records, the then-superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools was notified via email about Thornton’s arrest on November 20, 2020 — one day after the arrest took place.

But on Monday, the Chesterfield County Police Department now said the emails it sent to the FCPS superintendent in Nov. 2020 about Thornton’s arrest came back as ‘undeliverable.’”

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Photo and video credits: FCPS, 7NewsDC.

2 Responses

  1. It would appear to me the Youngkin is unaware of how his police forces in Virginia break federal law called the ICAC standards of investigation every day with impunity. He then has commonwealth’s attorneys who force plea deals by piling on charges…so that innocent, entrapped men who were caught by violating ICAC end up with criminal records….there is also the fact that certain solicitation offenses do not ban the sex offender from public schools as a blanket ban, each case must be decided on an individual basis or else it is discrimination against the sex offender…our laws have created a special criminal class that requires this protection….

  2. Do the school districts do a background check before hiring? Our children are precious and parents deserve to feel they are safe.

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