6 Reasons Joe Biden’s Presidency is Dead on Arrival


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Four months in, I’m calling it.  The Biden administration has been so inept that it is no longer a disaster.  It’s dead.  Here are a few of the issues they now face.

1. Fuel Shortages

In the wake of a computer hack that resulted in America’s largest oil pipeline being shut down, fuel shortages are gripping the nation.  Concerns over availability dramatically increased prices in many areas, and created long lines in others reminiscent of the “toilet paper rush” of 2020. 

Biden’s opponents can rightly point out that the very first day of his presidency was spent canceling the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada, which brought an enormous supply of fuel to the very region (the Northeast) now hardest-hit by shortages.  They have already taken public note of the fact that the administration has not taken simple steps such as (a) opening America’s strategic oil reserve to ease supply issues, (b) announcing that the U.S. would offer a large reward for information on the hackers (it worked with Bin Laden), and/or (c) asking Congress to pass a bill mandating a higher level of cyber-security for vital industries. 

What the administration has done is to declare that the criminal hack that has affected millions is a private industry matter, and allowed the company (Colonial Pipeline) to pay the hackers ransom money to re-gain control of their own software.  Something tells me that things might have gone a little differently if Trump were still in charge.

2. Unemployment

Just prior to the fuel shortage, there was the April jobs report, showing that after eleven months of big gains under President Trump, unemployment was actually rising under Biden.  Job numbers were also revised downward from March, a month Biden had previously touted as a win. 

3. Migrant Crisis

Migrants flooded the border on the very day Biden entered the White House in response to his weak stances on amnesty and security.  Within weeks he was forced to admit that there was a crisis and, after spending his campaign attacking Trump for “racist” immigration policies, make a public show of asking his vice-president to take over securing the border.  Spoiler alert: she hasn’t succeeded. 

4. Racial Unrest

Race riots have remained a regularly-scheduled part of life in major cities (didn’t Democrats say people were rioting because of Trump?).

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5. Chaos in the Middle East

A war blew up in the Middle East over the last two weeks when Israel’s Palestinian neighbors went back to launching hundreds of rockets into Jewish population centers.

Trump made it clear over the course of his presidency that Israel is a strong U.S. ally, and warned that attacks on our top partner in the Middle East wouldn’t be taken lightly.  As a result, he not only avoided war in the region but was able to put in place historic peace deals between Israel and Arabic countries that had previously treated the Jewish people as pariahs. 

Biden, on the other hand, has been harshly critical of Israel and openly sympathetic towards the people who have attacked Israel again and again, so naturally, the Palestinian leaders went right back to what has been their pattern for decades – bomb civilian areas in Israel, then claim that Israel is “murdering children” when they bomb Palestinian military and leadership targets.  Follow it all up by parading the bodies of “civilians” (really deceased militants) through the streets like trophies, and rely on sympathetic media coverage to win global support for the cause (wiping Israel off the map).

6. Maricopa County Audit

An audit begun by the Arizona state legislature of the presidential ballots cast in the Phoenix area is showing that Biden probably didn’t actually win that state because ballot totals were off by a whopping 17% in parts of the state’s largest county (and that’s just among available ballots – despite legal subpoenas to turn them over, the drives on which voting information was stored have gone missing, to the fury of the state legislators in charge of the audit). 

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Sorry Biden, but your presidency, the most popular ever according to fraudulent vote totals from big Democrat-run cities, is over before it can really begin.  Maybe you’ll get more “votes” than any past candidate again in 2024, but real historians will remember your time in office as terrible for America, and you for your ability to screw up. 

4 Responses

  1. Disgraceful, but not surprising. One lie last 4 years with investigating known lies and fake documents from Hillary and the Democrats. How much more does it take before these f’ers are arrested. How much?

  2. We the taxpayers WILL NOT accept this corruption…Maricopa better produce all the deleted files..WE WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT THE LYING ,THE CHEATING and the the CORRUPTION FROM THE DEMOCRATS and the RINOS.

    1. Just look at this insanity, Barbara. They’re still shutting down Trump over this.
      If a police officer killed someone, “lost” the bodycam footage, and then went into a rage and attacked anyone who tried to ask about the incident, we’d assume he is guilty. So how are we supposed to feel about election officials when everything points to a fraudulent vote total and then they throw away the evidence and attack us for asking? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/breaking-trump-desk-website-releases-statement-saying-entire-database-maricopa-county-arizona-deleted/

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