6 Times the US Government LIED During the Pandemic


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Column | Washington’s Bayonette

If US government officials were under the same spell as the puppet Pinocchio, there would be an awful lot of Americans with noses longer than a Joe Biden anecdote.  Here are six times the US government or government officials actually LIED about Covid-19 and the measures surrounding the pandemic.

1) The biggest and perhaps most controversial one of all—the Covid vaccines were “safe and effective.”  Even those who think the vaccines are safe have to admit that they do not prevent people from getting Covid.  In fact, evidence and studies show that the vaccinated have been more likely to get Covid-19 than the unvaccinated.  Solid evidence—including government data and multiple studies—shows that hundreds of thousands of Americans (an estimated 500,000+) have died from the Covid vaccine.  For context, around 408,265 US soldiers died in WWI and WWII combined.  A June 2021 study concluded that the Covid vaccines kill two people for every three people they save.  That doesn’t even begin to represent the serious side effects and other vaccine injuries, such as miscarriages, blood clots, and myocarditis.  Yet the entire US government pushed, and continues to push, the Covid vaccines not only for adults but for children.  And the government knew that the Pfizer vaccine at least was very dangerous in early 2021, as the FDA had logged over 158,000 adverse events from the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine through Feb. 2021.  Also, the Pfizer vaccine had reportedly failed its ACM (all-cause mortality) endpoint, meaning it should never have been authorized for the public.  The Department of Defense data on the Covid vaccines’ dangerous effects are another instance of the government ignoring its own data to lie about the vaccines’ safety.

2) Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of NIH’s NIAID, claimed in an interview with authoress Kate Messner in 2021, “But if you get vaccinated, when the virus tries to infect you, the virus can’t because you are protected.”  The fact that vaccinated individuals can still get Covid-19 has become so obvious that Fauci himself has admitted as much since—in fact, only about a month after his previous claim.  So much for the infallibility of Dr. “Science” Fauci.

3) “President” Joe Biden is just one of the thousands of government officials across the US who demanded or endorsed masking throughout much of the Covid plandemic.  Masking does not prevent Covid-19 and it in fact causes other serious problems, particularly in kids.  There is some evidence that masking even makes Covid worse.  There is certainly scientific evidence that masking dangerously lowers oxygen intake (which can cause brain damage and other psychological problems)—which doesn’t help with Covid-19, since Covid damages oxygen intake already.  Masking does increase your chances of getting a respiratory infection (like Covid), according to some research.  There is measurable damage caused by masking since the pandemic began, both because children cannot see others’ faces and because children themselves are having their oxygen restricted.  For instance, as Dr. Naomi Wolf explained, “[C]hildren socialized and born during the pandemic, their IQs have dropped 21 points.”  According to evidence from various scientific and medical professionals, there may have been as much as a 364% increase in the number of children with speech delays in 2021.  Then there’s the psychological damage done both to children and adults by constant masking due to the fact that the mask is a symbol of fear and a reminder to be afraid (of Covid).  There are many emotional and psychological conditions and problems caused by being conditioned to be afraid.

4) Dr. Fauci again.  You can never get enough of “Science” himself!  Dr. Fauci testified under oath to Congress that the NIH and NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) were not involved in gain-of-function research with an EcoHealth Alliance program.  Bombshell documents obtained by Project Veritas reveal that EcoHealth Alliance originally approached the Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in March 2018 seeking funding for gain-of-function research on bat-borne coronaviruses.  DARPA rejected the proposal, but the documents show that Fauci’s NIAID then went ahead with the controversial research both in Wuhan, China (the source of the Covid-19 plandemic), and in the U.S.  So Fauci not only apparently lied under oath, he and his NIAID may have helped start the Covid-19 plandemic.

5) Multiple government officials conspired to ensure that effective therapeutics could not reach the American people, including then-NIH head Francis Collins, NIAID head Anthony Fauci, and then-director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority Rick Bright.  By Nov. 2021, there were a total of 365 studies proving the efficacy of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in treating Covid.  And, contrary to what US medical officials tried to claim early in the plandemic, ivermectin has been used to treat humans for years (in fact, two researchers received the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for “discoveries leading to ivermectin”)—in 2005, ivermectin had been used for humans for 18 years and was called a “wonder drug,” per the NIH website.  HCQ has been approved in the US since 1955 (again, according to the NIH website).  So Collins, Bright, Fauci, and others who conspired to prevent ivermectin and HCQ from being available to Covid-positive Americans lied, and continued to lie, when they said the therapeutics did not help Covid or that they were not safe for treating humans.

6) Lockdowns do not save lives.  In fact, data shows that lockdowns ended more lives than they saved.  This makes sense in light of evidence that suicides, for instance, skyrocketed under Covid lockdowns, especially among young people.  And there is still no solid evidence that lockdowns save lives, as a meta-analysis (combining dozens of studies) on the “enormous” costs of the lockdowns noted.  Why did we do them?  Well, many of the US government officials in charge clearly enjoyed having that kind of control and power.  But it is interesting to note that, as Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney stated, the lockdowns, quarantines, etc. response to Covid “bears a striking resemblance to the so-called ‘China Model.’”  And you really don’t want to be modeling your public health policy after a genocidal regime’s.

Unfortunately, the US government seems bent on continuing the cycle of failure forever.  The US is one of the governments which would be bound by the proposed World Health Organization (WHO) treaty, which would essentially institutionalize pandemic lockdowns and restrictions permanently.  As Brownstone Institute explains, “The WHO plans to finalize the treaty by 2024. It will aim to shift governing authority now reserved to sovereign states to the WHO during a pandemic by legally binding member states to the WHO’s revised International Health Regulations.” Coincidentally, the WHO treaty is tied to a “global digital passport and ID system.”  Universal vaccine passports, here we come!

At this point, the US government has about as much credibility as Joe Biden’s Twitter follower count.  The next time you hear something from a government official, remember that he represents a government that blatantly and deliberately LIED to its own citizens throughout the Covid-19 plandemic. 

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