WATCH: AOC Says Babies in the Womb Are Not Living


aoc commenting on abortion
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Representative from New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went on a livestream recently to give her opinion on the pro-life vs. pro-abortion debate. 

“Oh…you’re harming a life, I believe this is a life,” AOC said with a mocking tone. 

“Well some religions don’t [believe an unborn child is a life], how about that?”

“Our Jewish brothers and sisters are able to have an abortion, according to their faith. There are so many faiths that do not have the same definition of life as fundamentalist Christians.”

AOC went on to describe the Christian pro-life movement as “theocratic” and “authoritarian”.


AOC is neither Jewish, nor Christian. She was raised Catholic, according to sources, but she is not in line with what the Church believes on social issues. 

This isn’t the first time AOC has defended abortion “rights” in America. She attacked Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s move to ban abortion after 6 weeks, in a so-called “heartbeat bill” (similar to one passed in Georgia). She said, “He speaks from such a place of deep ignorance … and it’s not just ignorance, it’s ignorance that’s hurting people across this country…”

Credits: Real Clear Policy.

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11 Responses

  1. A baby has its own unique DNA at conception. It is a completely unique individual with the same DNA structure that will be present in all its cells, all its life! What is the difference between taking the life of a ten-year old, and taking the unique life of a baby. Is the age of the human the issue? How about the size? How about self-sufficiency? Newborns are as helpless as a fetus. When is a good time to murder? How about Never!

  2. This “thing” is so STUPID it’s a wonder she ever got to this point in her miserable life. Too bad her mother didn’t visit a P.P. clinic for some women’s health care treatments.

  3. Could anyone explain how she not only graduated from college but managed to get out of high school. Could anyone explain who the dumb gullible people who voted for her are. She has got to be one of the top 10 dumbest people not only in congress but on the planet! This women, and I use that term loosely, thinks her words are golden. Somebody give he dumb ass a Bible (if she can read).

  4. You should know better than to say such an idiotic statement. You most likely have never been pregnant. An unborn baby is quite active inside the mother. He or she moves around a lot and kicks its tiny feet. One does not only feel the little one moving and kicking but if you watch your belly and feel your belly you know it is fully alive. Northing is more wonderful than carrying a tiny infant. I would not want to be you when you come before the Lord Jesus on judgement day. I can pray for you to come to your census and ask Him for forgiveness and repent you sin.


  6. Something I don’t understand is if a fetus isn’t considered a life then how does someone get charged with 2 murders when they take a pregnant woman’s life?

  7. Hey AOC, you can still screw anyone you want and have an abortion. Depending on the state you reside in will determine how long you have to make that decision. If you procrastinate you may have to go to another state. That may cost more so my advice is use 99% effective birth control and enjoy sex. If you happen to be in the category of those 1% that with proper use and compliance it still fails you will want to take action before the limitations of your state. Each state varies due to the residents of each state vote for what they desire. Thus each state is represented by its people. Unfortunately studies show there are those 1% of abortions reported due to date rape, non date rape and incest. Less than a quarter of that 1% is incest. Unfortunately 86% of incest deliver babies. Maybe you could focus on identification, preventing, punishment of the abusers in incest? Can you help create a culture that does not promote rape? ……Democrats are the first to say things like Christians say life begins at conception yet they approve of life in Trump cages OR Christians say they are prolife except they celebrate when George Floyd’s life is taken way . So here is my stooping low and inappropriate like you and your Democrats – Democrat’s are always say it’s their right to kill their fetus but get upset when 19 lives are taken in an elementary school. Massacre. I thought democrats like killing young ones.- How do you like an insane comment like that? That is typical progressive democrat or liberal democrat type logic and statement.

  8. “Those with the least defensible positions scream and emote the loudest”. AOC(abnormally overtly confused) is the epitome of the hypocritical political class of Marxist socialist. A disgrace to her nation and humanity. Individuals with her philosophy belong in nations that support it, China, Russia, Cuba. To the people that elected her and then re-elected her, you deserve all of the pain and injustices she brings you. To those that suffer and were not in her electoral district, you know who to blame for the ego centric witch of New York.

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