American Truckers Planning DC Beltway Shutdown (DETAILS)


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Across the globe, citizens have protested vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions, but no protest has garnered more media attention than trucker convoy demonstrations in Canada, which lasted weeks until so-called liberals showed their authoritarian cards.

In order to end the protest, Canada’s left-wing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently invoked the Emergencies Act, installing martial law, also forcing tow truck companies to lug rigs off of the country’s highways and bridges.

But the protest in Canada seems to have triggered a much larger movement, encompassing many countries, including the United States.

According to new reports, a large trucker convoy is now planning a cross-country protest stretching from Los Angeles to the District of Columbia. One protest, organized by the American Truckers Freedom Fund, is also planning long road trips from a number of locations including Ohio, Washington state, and North Dakota.

A Pennsylvania-based organizer named Bob Bolus says the protest he is directing aims to shut down the entire D.C. beltway, save one lane for emergency vehicles.

“I’ll give you an analogy of that of a giant boa constrictor that basically squeezes you, chokes you and it swallows you, and that’s what we’re going to do the D.C,” Bolus, an owner of a trucking business, told Fox 5 DC’s Lindsey Watts:

The trucker protests in America, expected in the coming weeks, have already gained the support of one of the country’s strongest advocates for liberty, Senator Rand Paul.

The groups involved have stated that their protest is much broader than the demonstrations seen in Canada, which focused solely on vaccine requirements:

Truckers in Ottawa were there to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates for truckers. The same appears to be true for the convoys being supported by the American Truckers Freedom Fund, which calls itself “a movement of peaceful, non-violent Americans who are dissatisfied with the unscientific, unconstitutional government overreach in regards to mandates.”

The fund also lists other causes, including support for national energy independence and reopening the Keystone Pipeline, and enhancing U.S.-Mexico border security. Other truckers are driving to protest “Big Tech/Government Censorship,” agricultural regulations, and “Big Pharma Control over Independent Liberty.”

The People’s Convoy said in a statement on Sunday that its protest is to demand a rollback of pandemic restrictions in light of the COVID-19 vaccine and treatments for infections.

“With the advent of the vaccine and workable therapeutic agents, along with the hard work of so many sectors that contributed to declining COVID-19 cases and severity of illness, it is now time to re-open the country,” the group said. “COVID is well-in-hand now, and Americans need to get back to work in a free and unrestricted manner.”

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  1. Why are they so stupid to give details ahead of the action? Just do it. This would be like Biden telling Putin that he would be sending the 82nd battalion to Moscow to stop the Ukraine invasion. The enemy would be well prepared.

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