WATCH: Tucker Carlson Hits Back After AOC Accuses Him of “Harassment”


screenshot of tucker carlson tonight episode with aoc harrassment episode
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson and socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have had their fair share of run-ins, and recently, AOC’s frustration snapped, when she took to Twitter to whine about Carlson’s show.

In an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight last week, Tucker poked fun at AOC for a book that talks about her “plight” as a “woman of color” in America and also compares her to Jesus. Of course, AOC could not handle these critiques, and exploded on Twitter, insinuating that Carlson is a dangerous man to leave alone with women. Seriously.

Kim Iversen, host of The Hill’s Rising podcast, does a good job outlining Ocasio-Cortez’s social media tirades in one clip.


After all of AOC’s ridiculous accusations, Tucker responded on Sunday night. Watch:

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  1. Don’t give her any6 more prime time. She is not worth it period! She is not a victim in any wat shaoe or form/ If anything she is a hypocrite/. She drives a Tesla, a leased one, not cheap, flies first class, vacations in Florida, dresses in expensive rages and lives in a condo in DC, a very expensive one toboot! No she is no victi. She is also a liar. But then tha is expectd from a DC democrat who thinks her poop doesn’ stink!!

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