America’s Top mRNA Vaccine Engineer: ‘COVID Vax Dangerous, Kids Should NOT Take’


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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On Wednesday, Dr. Robert Malone, America’s foremost expert on mRNA-based vaccines, was interviewed by Fox’s Tucker Carlson.  The first four and a half minutes of the interview should be a game-changer in the rush to vaccinate Americans against covid.

Dr. Malone is not against vaccines in general.  He invented the technology that makes many of them possible, and he understands that vaccines have saved millions of lives from smallpox, polio, and other diseases.

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But he also understands that injecting someone with substances designed to change how their body works comes with risks, and believes that those risks should be evaluated prior to administering a shot.  Here is a sample of the alarming analysis he gave Tucker concerning covid vaccines:

  1. “The government is not being transparent about what the risks [of taking these vaccines] are.”
  2. “These are experimental vaccines” (i.e., not fully tested).
  3. No risk/benefit analysis for taking a covid vaccine has been done.
  4. Because of the various dangers of covid vaccines (such as heart inflammation, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and the low risk of death for young people who get covid, administering a vaccine is not justifiable concerning children and young adults – and it is troubling that colleges are forcing returning students to take them.

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Again, Dr. Malone is no lightweight in the medical field.  He attended Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, one of the top fifteen medical schools in America.  He did post-graduate work at Harvard.  He has published nearly one hundred articles in peer-reviewed publications, and he changed medicine forever when he invented mRNA (as well as DNA-based) vaccines.  And he has nothing to gain and everything to lose by speaking out on the risks of a shot now being blindly accepted by millions.  Google-owned YouTube – one of the most powerful companies in the world – has already begun to censor his videos because they go against the government’s vaccination push.

When he speaks, therefore, we should listen.  If the politicians, academics, and big tech robber-barons pushing for everyone to get vaccinated cared about us at all, they would pause to listen to. 

But they haven’t, and they won’t.  Pharmaceutical companies are making too much money.  Politicians (many of whom get donations from big pharma) have bet their careers on this “solution” to a disease with a recovery rate of well over 99 percent for young people (and a high recovery rate for the elderly as well).  The big tech companies (Google, Facebook, and Twitter) who are also in bed with the left-leaning politicians pushing these vaccines, cannot change course now. 

All we can do as Americans is to protect our families, warn our neighbors, and trust nothing that comes from mega-corporations and our oversized government. It’s high time for everyone to think for themselves.   

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