AOC Says Republicans are ‘ERASING CHRISTMAS’ in Twitter Tirade


Republican lawmakers have recently been posting family Christmas photos with guns, and liberals can’t help but be triggered. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) started the trend with a tweet that brought cheers from the right and tears from the left:

Now, after Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert’s family took a similar picture, radical left-wing Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has lashed out in anger, suggesting Republicans are erasing the meaning of Christmas with photos demonstrating their Second Amendment rights:

“Tell me again where Christ said ‘use the commemoration of my birth to flex violent weapons for personal political gain’? lol @ all the years Republicans spent on cultural hysteria of society “erasing Christmas and it’s meaning’ [sic] when they’re doing that fine all on their own ,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted early Wednesday morning, quoting a photo of Lauren Boebert and her family posing with rifles.

She then added a threaded reply, tweeting, “When you pose in front of a Christmas Tree and can name all those guns but can’t name the gifts of the Wise Men.”

Obviously, AOC’s sentiments are veiled in political gamesmanship. If anyone is waging a war on Christmas, it’s the liberals. And that fight has been going on for some time… much like the ongoing feud between Boebert and AOC.

Earlier this year, AOC wore a ridiculous and ironic “Tax the Rich” dress to the Met Gala. Boebert played off of the socialist’s statement with her own custom dress at a Mar-a-Lago Trump event, reading, “Let’s Go Brandon,” a viral meme against Joe Biden:

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  1. If AOC where any dumber she would be a 100% moron. Dems are the ones who want Christmas gone. They have been fighting it for years and have even removed MERRY CHRISTMAS as a greeting and made it happy holidays which has nothing to do with Christmas and the ” reason for the season”. They are also doing the same by trying to remove ” In God We Trust”.

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