BREAKING: Newly-Released Images of Maxwell with Epstein Could Have Royal Implications


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In the latest bombshell regarding United States vs Ghislaine Maxwell, never-before-seen images have surfaced showing the disgraced Epstein madam in royal territory. Human Events’ Jack Posobiec has posted a host of the pictures to Twitter, and we’ve embedded those with context for you to see here on our site. Among the images below (some newly-leaked and some released prior) include the following:

  • Epstein and Maxwell sitting on the porch of the Queen of England’s personal log cabin located on Balmoral estate.
  • Maxwell and pedo actor Kevin Spacey sitting on thrones at Buckingham Palace (not a new image).
  • A newly-released image of Epstein’s infamous massage room.
  • Maxwell’s father, Robert, with Prince Charles and Princess Diana (not a new image).

First off, and perhaps most pertinent, is a brand new photo appearing to show Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell sitting on the porch of the Bucolic cabin, which rests on the British royal family’s Balmoral estate:

Prince Andrew is heavily implicated in the Epstein files, including in his black book. He is also becoming more and more paranoid about Virginia Giuffre Roberts’ case against him. Roberts has accused him of forcing her into sexual intercourse multiple times while Epstein trafficked her around the world in 2001.

The Daily Mirror now says Andrew even told his legal team to “cancel Christmas” and focus on saving his skin:

Prince Andrew has ordered his US legal team to “cancel Christmas” and prepare for a key court date in his sexual assault case. The Duke of York has instructed his legal team to “leave no stone unturned” in the lead up to the January 4 hearing, described as his “last ditch attempt” to get allegations he abused a teenage girl thrown out.

Royal sources say he is “totally consumed” with the legal battle and has been staying up into the night to keep in constant conversation with his California-based lawyers. Next Monday they are set to deliver their final submissions to the New York court before a decision is taken in the new year as to whether the Duke will face a full trial.

Virginia Giuffre is pursuing Andrew through the civil courts. He is accused of “rape in the first degree” amid claims he forced Ms Giuffre, also known as Virginia Roberts, to have sex with him three times in 2001 while she was trafficked around the world by the royal’s late paedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein.

Here’s an image of the cabin zoomed out:

Next up is a snapshot released in 2020 showing Maxwell with actor Kevin Spacey, who has been previously accused of sexually abusing an underage boy, sitting in Buckingham Palace. The two are sitting on the thrones of the palace, which are never open for the public:

Posobiec also unveiled an image showing the inside of one of Epstein’s many massage rooms, although not much can be made from the picture itself:

Lastly, we want to note that Maxwell’s connections to the royal family run deeper than one might think. Maxwell herself is British nobility to an extent; her father, Robert Maxwell, was an ultra-rich media tycoon before his ‘mysterious’ death in 1991. Here he is in a rarely-seen image with Prince Charles and Princess Diana:

From these images alone, we cannot say that the Royal family played a facilitating or even knowing role in Epstein and Maxwell’s abusive ploys. However, the stark evidence of Maxwell’s – and elites’ – wrongdoings is beginning to stack up by the day. As the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell continues, we will keep you up to date with the latest information available.


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