BETTLE: Requiring a Vax to Use Other Rights is Ludicrous, Anti-American, and Illegal — Here’s Why.


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All across the United States, educational institutions and private businesses are attempting to coerce individuals into surrendering their ‘right’ to ‘bodily autonomy.’ One would think the Democrats would be up in arms and crossing the Rubicon. For all Americans, however, the right to exercise religion freely is under assault, too. Leveraging our rights? Sounds like embezzlement.

Many states, local governments, schools and private businesses are demanding an unauthorized vaccine jab. Some parties involved in this assault allow requesting a ‘religious’ exemption waiver. But having to request implies the ability to be denied. Logically, denials then lead to a coercive decision of receiving religious persecution through state action or coercive state action to conform. Something the Supreme Court has previously found unconstitutional. Sherbert v. Verner, (1963)

There is no ability for any State to “promote, encourage, or induce” private parties to deprive individuals of constitutional rights. Norwood v. Harrison (1973). Until laws are passed, employers and institutions who deem it a requirement by any law or any form of ‘law,’ are acting under the color of law to deprive individuals of constitutional rights. 42 U.S.C. § 1983. Qualified immunity for government actors does not apply when it comes to the deprivation of constitutional rights, such as California Civil Code § 50.

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It is an American’s right to engage in the use of all rights, privileges, or immunities guaranteed by the law and the Constitution—especially in places that fall under the Civil Rights Act Public Accommodations rule, a rule which essentially covers every building except one’s house. Any infringement on these rights is an illegal deprivation under § 1983.

Without passage of laws not contrary to federal civil rights law, any entity deemed a ‘public accommodation’ under the Civil Rights Act cannot deprive people of the ‘privileges or immunities’ secured by the Fourteenth Amendment. Any State law or private punishment which contradicts federal law is preempted and prima facie unconstitutional. Without any law demanding as such, entities public and private, act ‘under the color’ of law.

Moreover, under Title 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3 et seq. all COVID vaccines are only under Experimental Use Authorization. According to United States Code, only those who have been authorized to ‘produce, distribute, and administer’ vaccines have any legal effect afforded to them. That is, no EUA, no ability for the EUA’s legal effect to fall on you. Under § 3(1(A)(ii)(III) it states those authorized to administer must discuss the ‘consequences, if any’ of refusing the Fauci Ouchie. Having legal effect conferred does not imply legal power to confer conformity. It is, actually, the opposite.

And here are those consequences: you might catch the coronavirus without it—and you might still catch it with the vaccine, medically speaking. Legally? I have yet to find those laws.   

The right to exercise religion is absolute. The reason religions cannot engage in human sacrifice is because… that is just called murder. However, the practice of Holy Commune is slightly separate. From secular to monotheistic religions, free will is taught as a core tenet. Free will is breached when something is forced. When free will is breached by injury, coercion, or other malicious actions against any individual, whether by a public or private entity— is illegal. To leverage our rights is unconstitutional.

It is not up to schools, governments, private businesses, or anyone else to ‘make the call’ for anyone on what do to with their inalienable rights. Especially, the right of parents to determine their children’s decisions until 18, which is a parental right under the law. Something tells me parents with self-interest in their child’s success are more often than not able to produce correct outcomes from the decisions they make for their children when compared to self-interested third parties.

Moreover, those who pay for a product, say, education or travel, among other things, have the right to receive said product for its intended and agreed upon uses — with all constitutional rights uninfringed. Last-minute extra demands to then receive full performance of a contract sounds like extortion at the most, and at least is a breach of contract. Whether public entities or private individuals, extortion is still extortion. And breaching contracts is still illegal where remedies must be administered, such as specific performance.

For institutions to demand the COVID vaccine against the Chinese Virus to be able to join their vaccinated comrades everywhere is entirely antithetical to the constitution and American principles. It is also illegal. The logical foundation to demand private individuals to become vaccinated against the Chinese Virus, well, comes from Communist China’s political ideology: communism.

Communism, boiled down to its foundation, is pure evil. Americans are capitalists. The time we start acting as the free enterprises allowed under our system is now, God willing. Or else… more rights will receive the death from a thousand cuts.

3 Responses

  1. I dont see any more confidence in a vaccine that is FDA approved than one thats not. The government does not care about peoples health and slapping an FDA aproval on a risky drug thats proven to be too dangerous to put in a body. Poison with an FDA approval is still poison

  2. So are lawsuits being filed we are just not hearing about? Methodist Hospital system in Houston is requiring the shot by all employees by June 7th or they loose their job….for a shot that is STILL under emergency issuance and not yet approved.

  3. There is a sign on the door of Chico’s Off the Rack at Houston Premium Outlets that tells customers to wear a mask if they aren’t at least two weeks past getting a Covid injection. I do not recall any signs posted on that property in previous years about not being able to shop without a mask if customers have not had a flu vaccine. @ChicosOffTheRack

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