BETTLE: The Fourth Reich: Hitler’s Unconstitutional, Immoral, & Illogical Reincarnation


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For over fifty years, those who have diluted the term 'Nazi' by relating it to everything Republican have been effective at conditioning masses ignorant of history.

This week, Biden’s Administration, Democrats, and large private corporations proliferated endorsements for laws that draw sinister similarities to Nazi Party Nuremberg laws and an injected Jewish Star. Based upon progressive principles, to require vaccines to participate in “normal life,” is inherently illogical. “My body, my choice.” It is rationally immoral for the government or companies to enforce a regime that eliminates free will. It is also unconstitutional.

Democrats — for decades — have embarked upon an ambitious public relations campaign of branding every republican and conservative cause “literally Hitler” or “Nazi adjacent.” From Senator Barry Goldwater to President Ronald Reagan. The media under President Trump’s term was addicted to this strategy. For over fifty years, those who have diluted the term ‘Nazi’ by relating it to everything Republican, have been effective at conditioning masses ignorant of history. Nazi has a taken upon new meaning—subjectively, to some. Repetition is persuasive.

Unfortunately for the subjective Big Lie propaganda strategy used by progressives, truth is objective. Nazism has an objective history that provides its definition based on implemented and peddled Nazi policies. The Conscience of a Conservative is the polar opposite. While under both the Obama and Biden administrations, Progressivism has edged closer to becoming a Nazi-parallel. Only one side of the Congressional aisle supports wholescale Nazi-style eugenics

The Nuremberg laws were racial purity laws that designated what certain people could or could not do—based upon what was in their blood. The Jewish Stars and many symbols used which designated the other undesirables, too, were something some people did not want. But they were required by the government and enforced by people and private companies. These may not have been called passports, but these laws and other Nazi policies and propaganda, combined, effectively were. For most of the unfortunate souls, this passport kept them in Germany. Later, it helped the government round people up during the Final Solution.

Under the Constitution’s Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments such passports are unconstitutional, any which way they put it. Whether enforced by the government or enabled by it for private Americans to enforce, “the right to travel is a part of the liberty of which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment.” Kent v. Dulles (1958). This means in court, not legislation, regulation, or coerced conduct. It is “axiomatic” the government “may not induce, encourage, or promote private persons to accomplish what [the government] is constitutionally forbidden to accomplish.” Norwood v. Harrison, (1973). (Emphasis mine). 

In any event, section one of the Fourteenth Amendment states, in part, “[n]o state… shall make or enforce any law…[which will] deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” If women can choose to get or not get an abortion—everyone can choose to get or not get a vaccine. I’d potentially be willing to compromise if the left gives up its abortion regime and control over baby’s bodies. 

Importantly, however, the constitution is on the right side where there is no need to compromise. A core tenet of many religions is the belief in “free-will,” which includes conscious actions and thought. We have the right to freely exercise our religions in the United States. I still have yet to find the clause allowing abortion.

We find ourselves in situations where some flesh may not seem to be the same flesh it was paraded around to be. For five years, we were told a certain ‘orange man’ was the incarnation of Hitler himself. This evil man, so they claimed, would wreak havoc and chaos upon the world. Everything he said was a lie. The other man, however, would be a savior to our country—only he could fix it. 

However, what some hopefully, by now, have come to understand, is that the promised political messiah was actually a satan, under the original biblical term, meaning an imposter. Biden has objectively lied, repeatedly, failed to deliver on promises, and outright reversed covenanted policy proposals to the American people. What else should we call someone who engages as such?

A major tenet of Hinduism is reincarnation. This is when the soul, which is seen as eternal and part of the spiritual realm, returns to the physical realm in a new body. In Christianity, the soul of a human is eternal and will join God in Heaven. Satan is real; Angels are also. Whether reincarnation is provided by supernatural beings — or by reviving dead policies of the past—Hitler and the Nazi Party’s policies and propaganda techniques should be left to pass into a dreaded abyss.

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