BANNED on Big Tech, RNA Jab Inventor Dr. Malone PLEADS Americans to Listen in NEW Video (FULL CLIP)


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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Dr. Robert Malone is a seasoned scientist and even a co-inventor of the mRNA technology used in the COVID-19 vaccines being forced on Americans. But this week, the vaccine expert has been banned on virtually every single social media platform as Big Tech continues to do the bidding of the government and health regime.

Malone has been an outspoken critic of the rush to vaccinate all people – especially children – since the initial rollout of the jabs. Now, he is taking things a step further, appearing on numerous podcasts, including the Joe Rogan Experience. He has also most recently joined Alex Jones’ InfoWars to express his concerns about the technology that HE invented.

On InfoWars, he talked the New World Order, the World Economic Forum’s push for global communism, and also gave a personal statement that outlines some of the short and long-term effects these vaccines may bring upon children.

Watch his statement here:

Malone has also now received praise from Tucker Carlson for speaking out. In his monologue Monday, Carlson took time to shred Big Tech for bowing to the tyrannical health regime and banning the very man who invented the spike protein technology they are all attempting to force children to get.


We will continue to keep you updated on the latest from Dr. Malone as he releases more public information and statements. You can watch ALL of his interview with InfoWars here.


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  1. Why aren’t we the people standing up to Biden? SCOTUS proclaimed that Biden was ignoring the Constitution and did not have the right to make vaccinations mandatory. All this hype about our rights being ignored is poppycock. I have had my two vaccinations and that was by choice. I have not had my Third and don’t intend to until all the doubts have disappeared.

  2. There is nothing about terms, charges etc. I want to know costs and obligations BEFORE giving out all my info. It seems bo be something I would like to have but,,,I am not signing up for something with no upfront info. Please respomd

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