This is China’s Chernobyl


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Tucker Carlson, host of Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, persuasively argued on his show last night the relevance of a research paper conducted by the South China University of Technology—run by the Communist Party of China—on the origins of the Chinese virus. 

During his six minute monologue, he advised Americans to remain skeptical of everything they hear—even what he was about to discuss. He stated there was no way to verify this paper’s accuracy given the moves Beijing has taken.

Carlson discussed how scientists and journalists in the media are attacking those who speak about this paper by slandering them as “conspiracy theorists.” He portrayed, correctly, the media as attacking arguments which were not brought up by the skeptics. He reasoned, and I agree, that when individuals engage in answering questions that were not asked, they are lying and trying to distract from the situation—usually hyperbolically. Those in the media have attacked the skeptics with non sequiturs, such as arguing the Chinese virus was not bioengineered or it was not a bioweapon

No serious person made those arguments because we didn’t have evidence of it. Not everyone goes from zero-to-tin-foil-hat-time at the snap of a finger. 

Proving Carlson’s theory correct, the good people over at Media Matters For America—an outlet once previously funded by George Soros—immediately slandered him after his show as spreading a conspiracy theory that the “coronavirus started in a Chinese lab.”

It was uploaded so fast it’s as if those wonderful people at MMFA get paid to watch Fox News, et. al., all day. 

(They do.) 

Keep in mind, this research paper was published based on a study’s findings from a university run by the Communist Party of China. If what the scientists wrote turns out to be true, this global pandemic will be China’s Chernobyl and many, many times worse. 

By the first page, the authors note that the genome sequences from the virus in patients were 96% or 89% identical to the Bat CoV ZC45 coronavirus, which originated in the Rhinolophus affinis, or intermediate horseshoe bat. 

These bats do not live in the Wuhan province. They live 600 miles away in the Yunnan or Zhejiang province, i.e. 600 miles from the wet market that is currently being speculated as ground zero.

The Chinese virus, 2019-nCov, was found in only 5.6% of the samples taken from the wet market. The scientists state “the probability was very low for the bats to fly to the market.” Shockingly, out of fifty-nine interviews of Wuhan residents and visitors who frequented the market, the bat was “never a food source in the city” and “no bat was traded in the market.” Not only was the bat who caused the Chinese virus not traded in the market—no bats were. 

Looking to another possible pathway, the scientists cite two laboratories conducting research on bat coronavirus. One laboratory, the Wuhan Center for Disease Control & Prevention (ironically, not good at their jobs), was within 280 meters of the market. According to the studies being done by the WHCDC, 155 of the intermediate horseshoe bats were captured in the Hubei province and another 450 from the Zhejiang province. 

Not only is this laboratory next to the market, it is “adjacent” to Wuhan Union Hospital, “where the first group of doctors were infected during this pandemic.”

Li Wenliang, the doctor who first warned about the Chinese virus, did so in December 2019. Li Wenliang is reported to have worked at and contracted the virus at Wuhan Central Hospital. Dr. Wenliang announced on February 4, 2020 he contracted the Chinese virus and sadly passed away three days later. 

If Dr. Wenliang and his colleagues were not the first to contract the Chinese virus, what group of doctors were, and when? The study does not say. How long have these experiments been going on?

What is astonishing, is this study conducted by the South China University of Technology mentioned a Nature Medicine article, from 2015, which discovered how a chimeric virus, a virus which is a “new hybrid microorganism created by joining nucleic acid fragments from two or more different microorganisms (a bacteria and a virus),” with the SARS-CoV reverse genetics system had a “potential for human emergence.” So, since 2015, there has been knowledge this pandemic could happen. 

The scientists conclude that the direct speculation is the SARS-CoV or its derivative “might [have leaked] from a laboratory” and “the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.”

This research paper was taken down, but someone saved it and reposted it. 

Why would a university run by the Communist Party of China blame themselves if it was intended to be propaganda and misinformation? It would be, quite possibly, the worst misinformation campaign in the history of the world. To blame yourself for starting a preventable global pandemic that has essentially shut down large parts of the global economy, if it were not true, would turn every nation against you. Unless China is planning to hari-kari, there is no logical reason to argue China intended the information to be a lie.

On the other hand, there is ample reason for the CPC to save face by sending aid to distressed countries. It would also be a logical response for the CPC to place blame on another country. Say, the United States, by blaming our military—and getting its allies, Russia and Iran, to tag along. 

Those in the media who are saying it is “utterly defenseless” to suggest the spread of the Chinese virus cannot be due to an accidentally laboratory release or failure of safety measures, are either blindly ignorant or have ill motives. 

Lab safety in China has been a major problem. A safety breach at a CPC Center for Disease Control and Prevention lab is suspected to be the source of four SARS cases in Beijing in 2004. 

Moreover, what should be strictly scrutinized by every nation is the fact Chinese scientists have a habit of selling their lab animals to street vendors after the experiments have been conducted. 

With all these events in play—those labs right next to the suspected ground-zero market, the habits of Chinese scientists, the prior history of safety breaches, and what would be the worst propaganda and misinformation campaign in history—it is fair to think history is repeating itself. This may turn out to be China’s Chernobyl.   

Chernobyl’s blast occurred on April 26, 1986. Two days later, Swedish air monitors traced large amounts of radiation back to the USSR. Soviet officials admitted there had been an accident, but falsely claimed it was under control. On April 29, satellite spy photos provided U.S. officials with imagery of the devastation. It wasn’t until May 16 Mikhail Gorbachev spoke on state tv and downplayed the situation. Even today, Vladimir Putin dismisses official U.S. information as “misinformation.” So much so, Russia state tv is making its own Chernobyl series—blaming the CIA. 

Chernobyl’s nuclear blast was the result of an unexpected power surge and steam buildup, which led to a string of explosions that destroyed a part of the reactor—a preventable accident caused by Soviet incompetence. If what the South China University research paper said turns out to be even remotely true, then the release of the coronavirus, too, will have been a preventable accident caused by communist incompetence. 

History shows the communist playbook is to cover-up, downplay, send aid, and blame the U.S. Thus far, the CPC hasn’t missed a step. 

What differentiates Chernobyl from the Chinese virus is the extent of damage it will cause. The radiation from Chernobyl mainly affected Soviet citizens. It never killed American citizens, especially on American soil. Chernobyl did not shut down large portions of the U.S. economy.

However, the Chinese virus did. And it is currently wreaking the same havoc in almost every nation all across the world. The damage is threatening to send global economy into an unprecedented depression. 

Again, what logical reason would the scientists have for conducting a research paper which lends evidence to blaming, essentially, the CPC for the coronavirus pandemic? The CPC has no problem executing dissidents. Whether the study was a lie by the scientists, or if it is true, the CPC will make them disappear. 

Logic, history, and reviewing the evidence as it has unfolded so far, can rationally lead us to think this situation will be written about in the history books as China’s Chernobyl. 

Gorbachev himself admitted in 2006 that the Chernobyl disaster was most likely the real cause of the Soviet Union’s collapse. If it turns out the Chinese virus is the CPC’s Chernobyl, only 100 times worse, we could be seeing the beginning of the end for the Communist Party of China. The world would be a better place for it.

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