Project Veritas Exposes ANOTHER Pedo CNN Producer Fantasizing About Sexually Abusing Underage Girl (FULL VIDEO)


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Just days after CNN fired producer John Griffin because of his child sex crimes, new allegations and texts show the network is harboring another pedophile amongst its ranks.

A new Project Veritas clip exposes a producer who sent texts, photographs, and videos to the leaker, Janine Bonani, a case manager for human trafficking victims. She is also a certified recovery specialist. The producer, unnamed at this time, expressed intent to sexually abuse his fiancé’s 13-year-old daughter, also sending her pictures.

Bonani decided to trick the CNN producer into sending her evidence, which is now being handled by authorities, who originally turned her away. Bonani is now hoping heightened media attention will spur action.

“This was a hard decision to make, I had to say something about this girl,” Bonani said, “I was also a victim when I was thirteen years old of sexual assault and, hearing the words that he said, just made me want to reach out and help this girl.”

Watch as Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe walks through the evidence of pedophilia with Bonani below.


Clearly, something is going on at CNN. Two pedophile producers have been exposed in just the past week, and this should be very telling about the network. Conservative commentator Miranda Devine responded with similar sentiment on Twitter:


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